The Worst Sandwich At Penn Station According To 33% Of People

Have you ever eaten at Penn Station? No, not the actual train station, although The Travel does note that this New York City transport hub offers some fairly decent grub with a food hall, a bagel chain, and a branch of Magnolia Bakery (made famous by "Sex and the City"). In this case, we're talking about Penn Station, the regional chain selling sandwiches. They're not nearly as ubiquitous as Subway, but do they offer a decent alternative if you're in the market for a fast food sub. (Or a hoagie, grinder, or hero, if you insist on using these other names.)

Still, like any chain, Penn Station has its hits and misses. Since it's always rather fun to hear about the failures, Mashed conducted a little poll to determine the most-hated sandwich on the Penn Station menu. The votes are in — all 612 of them — and we have a winner! Or rather, a loser. Before we get to the drum roll, though, let's go over all of the candidates for this honor.

Penn Station doesn't fare so well with its vegetarian offerings

We offered our poll respondents a hypothetical choice between six Penn Station sandwiches: artichoke, BLT, chicken teriyaki, ham and swiss, turkey avocado, and veggie. Few people disliked the BLT, turkey, or chicken subs, and the ham and Swiss didn't have too many detractors, either. The 2nd-most hated sandwich was the artichoke — 32% said "thanks, but no thanks" to this unusual offering. Even more unpopular, though, was the veggie sub, which over 33% of respondents gave a big thumbs-down.

We don't know if our survey's naysayers actually tried this particular sandwich or were just biased against vegetable sandwiches in general, but apparently Penn Station's veggie sub is not one of the better plant-based offerings out there. According to Penn Station's menu, it contains the customer's choice of vegetables, describing it "same as the Dagwood without the meats." The Dagwood menu description shares the standard vegetables are lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and pickles. One Yelper described Penn Station's veggie sub as "basically an onion and lettuce sandwich," whose "two types of onion made the flavor so overpowering it was positively terrible." Restaurantji shared a review by another Penn Station customer who called their veggie sub a disappointing "sandwich with mayo, onions and bell peppers." Sounds kind of ... minimalist.

So there you have it, the people have spoken. Apparently what the majority of our poll respondents are saying is, "Give us the meat!" (Or at least a better selection of vegetables.)