Viral TikTok Reveals A Disturbing Problem With A McDonald's Drink Machine

By now, we already know that a lot of what happens in fast food restaurants is usually less than ideal in terms of general cleanliness and hygiene. While most of America remains willfully ignorant (or simply do not care) of these conditions and continues to chow down on fast food burgers, shakes, fries, and nuggets, some of us are starting to get a little suspicious of just about anything that comes from one of these establishments. However, many of these scandals involve food items — like when multiple people alleged Dairy Queen was serving raw chicken — so that means drinks might be a safe bet, right?

Maybe not. Between the eternally-broken ice cream machines, cockroaches allegedly ending up in McFlurries, and other accusations that have come from employees at fast-food restaurants, we aren't too sure we'll be rushing to enjoy a fast food beverage anytime soon. One recent video going viral on TikTok shows the truly appalling state of a McDonald's fountain drink machine (the one thing we thought might be safe!) in Kent, south of London.

Worms were living in the drink machine

We know that bugs manage to find their way into pretty much anywhere, but that still doesn't make it less disgusting when we find them living amongst food production tools like the drink machine. The video, posted by user McOldKentRoad, has since been deleted but can be viewed as part of a TikTok duet video with user QueenReenThe1st. What viewers initially thought were maggots infesting the back of this drink machine turned out to be earthworms instead, which is a little unexpected but no less disturbing. 

According to Newsweek, a McDonald's spokesperson told MyLondon that they "immediately closed the drinks station and our hygiene team identified the cause of the issue which was fixed before a deep clean was carried out," adding it was an "isolated incident, not an infestation." Many people joined in on the comments before the video was deleted, saying it looked like, "something out of Stranger Things," (via NZHerald). We have to agree, and it makes it pretty hard to want a refreshing soda knowing that a machine was found crawling with worms. We'll miss you, McDonald's Sprite...