Why Gordon Ramsay Can't Stand Microwaves

Gordon Ramsay is not shy about letting his feelings be known. If you've ever watched him dress down a chef on his iconic reality cooking show competition "Hell's Kitchen," then you need no further explanation. Simply put, Ramsay can be brutally honest when he shares his opinions. He revealed his feelings about the microwave to Insider, and well, his thoughts aren't pretty. For starters, the host of "Kitchen Nightmares" shared that he doesn't even have one of these contraptions in his own kitchen, and then it goes downhill from there. 

But as with all of Ramsay's opinions, there's the good, there's the bad, and there's the ugly. So, let's start with the good: He conceded that he recognizes the merits of using a microwave to get the cooking process started or to reheat leftovers. We can hear you breathing a sigh of relief, because sometimes that is the only way dinner is getting on the table, right? But that's where the good ends as far as Ramsay is concerned. When talking about people who think a microwave is an appliance meant for cooking, he had mostly bad and ugly things to say. So, why can't Gordon Ramsay stand the microwave?

He says it's lazy cooking

Ramsay opened up to Insider about his true feelings for this small appliance. He said, "Ugh, I mean, microwaves are for lazy cooks," and went on to explain that it is only with a pan and stove that you can achieve "the texture and the searing and the contrast," which is a fair point. As Healthline explains, the loss of these elements in food cooked in the microwave is due to the water molecules in your food being forced to speed up over a short period of time, causing them to quickly evaporate. Becuase of how microwaves work, they may leave you with food that is not necessarily at its optimal flavor.

Ramsay seems to direct his microwave ire towards people who use it to cook the star of a big dinner. Ramsay told Insider, "I was watching videos two weeks ago ... of people sticking turkey in the f—— microwave. Now, you know, if you thought deep fat frying the turkey was not enough, how the f— do you get flavor out of a turkey with a microwave? Are you kidding me?"

The microwave may not be the best way to cook your turkey, but maybe Ramsay needs to "chill out," as Stone Cold Steve Austin joked (via Youtube). Perhaps, some people like the taste of a rubbery, dry bird. No judgment here.