Aldi's Returning Chocolate Covered Holiday Snacks Have Fans Excited

Aldi is most definitely ready for the holiday season, having already rolled out several exciting products for those in need of some seriously festive treats. This year, shoppers at the low-cost grocery chain are spoilt for choice, able to pick from a variety of seasonal snacks, chocolates, appetizers, and more. If you're hosting guests at your place, grab some of these Aldi holiday party finds, from Christmas tree-shaped pizza to gingerbread-flavored mulled wine, or these Aldi holiday brunch must-haves, which include cranberry donuts and a brioche star.

And if you're someone who enjoys feasting on chocolate-covered, well, anything, then that's a whole category of its own at Aldi. Based on photos from several shoppers on Instagram, the supermarket chain is stocking up on plenty of chocolaty treats in 2021, which are perfect if you're looking for some affordable and addictive desserts to gift to friends, family, colleagues, or even yourself this holiday season.

Grab chocolate covered popcorn, pretzels, and more from Aldi

Like your snacks on the sweet side? In 2021, there are enough sugary products at Aldi to appeal to even the most discerning chocolate lovers. Per Instagram user @aldiforpresident, one such treat to look out for is the "amazing" dark chocolate drizzled kettle corn from the Clancy's brand, available for $1.99 per 5-ounce bag. As one fan put it, "this is sooo addicting!" Another suggested that these sell out quickly at their local Aldi.

The chocolate-covered goodness doesn't stop there. Other tasty Clancy's options, according to Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds, include white chocolate covered peppermint pretzel stars, white and dark chocolate drizzled caramel corn, milk chocolate covered caramel pretzel sticks, and a "Mistletoe Mix" of sweet and salty chocolate-covered snacks. The caption reads, "the peppermint pretzels stars are a family favorite at our house," and other commenters also vouched for the chocolate covered pretzels. Lots of tempting options, eh?