Mr. Peanut Fans Won't Want To Miss This Nostalgic Giveaway

Mr. Peanut had a really rough 2020. Well, we all did. It's just that he started out the year by falling off a cliff, only to be reborn just in time for a worldwide pandemic. Still, he's been there, done that as a veteran of the 1918/19 Spanish Influenza. So, when it comes to social distancing, he's an old pro.

This year, though, as the world opens up again, Mr. Peanut and all the Planters gang are in the mood to party like it's 1984. Planter's new holiday commercial/music video, a little ditty called "A Nutty Holiday" (via YouTube), takes us back to a time when hair was big and shoulders were padded. The video stars Reginald VelJohnson, rocking a white suit like he's guesting on "Miami Vice" –- spoiler alert, he breaks the time continuum (and the 4th wall) to weigh in on the "Die Hard" Christmas movie controversy. (He says it is one, so all further arguments can cease and desist).

Not only does the commercial make you want to hum along or maybe even break out some antique dance moves (anyone remember how to do the robot?), but it also introduces a holiday giveaway where you can win some pretty gnarly Planters merch.

How to enter this 'NUTstalgic' giveaway

If you want to win some awesome swag, head over to the Nutstalgia website by December 31. For the low price of your contact info, you'll be entered into their prize box giveaway. Ok, so they'll probably send you a few marketing emails, but it'll be totally worth it. Not to mention, if it weren't for commercial emails, our inboxes would probably die of loneliness. After all, when was the last time you received a personal communication via email?

According to information in a press release sent to Mashed, if you do win one of these totally tubular prize boxes, you'll not only score some cool retro Planters stuff, but also a few board game classics, a cassette boombox (complete with Bluetooth for all you kids with your newfangled digital music), and a movie on DVD. No DVD player? They'll supply a code that will let you download the movie, as well. (See previous comment about kids and their newfangled gizmos, accompanied by a visual of a geezerly Mr. Peanut waving his cane.) Even though it's not in the spirit of '84, a time long before social media (or the internet), Planters suggests you follow this holiday "shellebration" on their Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts so you can watch them "go nuts this holiday season!" Peanut dude, you rock!