TikTok Can't Believe This Bon Appétit Employee's Horror Stories

Former Bon Appétit assistant Hannah is dishing on her experiences working for the top culinary magazine in a scathing series of TikTok videos. Fans of the magazine and the test kitchen chefs featured on Bon Appétit's YouTube channel are shocked by Hannah's stories, which can be viewed under her profile, Unluckyp1ckle. Followers quickly learn that she's serving up more than hot gossip as she divulges what it's like to work for a media powerhouse ripe with unequal compensation and diversity issues.

Unluckyp1ckle kicks off each TikTok video in the series by saying, "Welcome back to what it was really like working at Bon Appétit as a non-white presenting, non-wealthy person." According to Hannah, the first indicator of a problem was that she and other assistants were instructed to never sit next to people who "mattered" in meetings and not to speak to or make eye contact with Anna Wintour if she was ever seen in hallways or elevators.

Hannah discusses monetary inequities she experienced when detailing her work as an assistant who, along with every Condé Nast employee, received an accidental "reply all" email with a document revealing her boss' salary and holiday bonus amounts. "It was more money than I will ever see in my lifetime," she says. She wasn't expecting an executive bonus, but was hoping for the same $600 that her co-worker received. Instead, she got two scratch-off lottery tickets from 7-11, her TikTok reveals.

Bon Appétit's biased workplace

According to The New York Times, in the past year there has been an exodus of Condé Nast employees and a purge of executives fueled by claims of racial bias and unfair compensation in the workplace. Hannah can attest to that in her TikTok series exposing unjust workplace experiences at Bon Appétit.

One of Hannah's TikTok videos is about Adam Rapoport, the former editor of the food magazine who, when asked by an assistant how he liked his coffee, replied with the cringeworthy phrase "Make it like Rihanna." Unluckyp1ckle describes the chefs who appear in the test kitchen YouTube videos as very "fratty" people who contributed to an environment with diversity issues. Fans are disappointed — "I stopped watching it a long time ago after learning that [people of color] were being paid way less," one TikTok follower commented.

Like any former employee who alleges workplace misconduct, Hannah has been accused of only wanting to be internet famous. She assures followers that she isn't trying to cancel anyone, but rather highlight the glaring racial and monetary disparities normally squelched with consequences when brought to light (via TikTok). "I wanted to bring awareness to the situation and let others know that, if you're going through this, too, you're not alone, and you can and absolutely should stand up for yourself," she explains in her video.