Costco Shoppers Are Having This Big Problem With Its Organic Chicken

Most people who are lucky enough to own a Costco card will tell you that the appeal of shopping at the warehouse giant is being able to buy items you love in bulk quantities. And if you're a meat-eater, it's a great place to stock up on all things beef, lamb, fish, and poultry at a great price. However, as reliable and affordable as Costco's meat products may be, that doesn't mean they're immune to problems every now and then. Lately, some Costco shoppers have taken note of some issues with the wholesale chain's frozen organic chicken. 

In one post on a Reddit thread about Costco, one user shared a series of photos depicting a package of Kirkland-brand frozen chicken that appeared to be leaking through its seal. "Is anyone else noticing bad vacuum packaging of the organic chicken as of recently?" the user wrote. "The past couple of times I've gone to buy Chicken, I've been noticing the vacuum seal is broken on a lot of them." Fellow Costco shoppers were quick to share their frustrations with the faulty chicken packaging. "I've bought this a few times and the liquid has been leaking out into my fridge," reported one user. Another added, "I had to throw my recent one away because it spoiled due to the poor seal."

The leaky packaging can be a safety concern

While having to clean up a nasty chicken juice mess is certainly a nuisance, there is a valid reason to be concerned about protein packaging problems. Per Meat Safety, vacuum-sealed meats that have tears or leaks in the bag should not be purchased. Moreover, raw chicken juice leaking in your fridge can pose a major health risk. According to the CDC, even a tiny spill puts you at risk for contaminating other items in your fridge, like produce, with salmonella, which can cause severe foodborne illness.

If you're feeling squeamish about the chicken you just bought, there's no need to panic. Seeing a single torn package at the store doesn't mean that all of the meat in the case is bad. On Reddit, one person who claimed to work in the Costco meat department explained that tears in plastic occur for a number of reasons, including "constant handling" and bursting under the weight of other packages during transport. They also noted this isn't as much of an issue with the thicker, non-organic chicken. However, if you're concerned, they pointed out that Costco is always happy to refund any purchases you aren't satisfied with.