Costco Shoppers Can't Stop Talking About This Holiday Cookie Platter

Costco has plenty to offer to those who need a bit of festive inspiration to get into the holiday mood this year. Whether you need to locate the perfect gift for your loved ones or are in the state of mind where you need to buy sweet treats and snacks for your pantry, there's much for you to choose from. After all, Costco has great deals on popular chocolates and cookies, coupled with holiday items like gingerbread house kits for something a little extra special. 

This bulk buying grocery chain is now offering a delicious and irresistible cookie platter to its fans. Per Costcohotfinds, there are plenty of holiday flavors inside the package sure to please your tastebuds. The platter works especially well as a Christmas gift, with enough options to appeal to everyone's particular preferences. Many dedicated Costco fans are super excited about these cookies and cannot wait to get their hands on a package.

Many are looking forward to the treat

As outlined by Costcohotfinds on Instagram, the holiday platter has 42 total cookies of five different flavors, with each box available for $9.99. These flavors include lemon shortbread, powdered brownie walnut, iced ginger molasses, holiday candy cookie, and coconut almond chocolate. One commenter on the post raved that "These are amazing! I was pregnant with my daughter last year and couldn't bake at all. These definitely hit the spot I loved every flavor!" Another Instagram user also rooted for the cookies, saying that they taste great.

The holiday platter has plenty of fans who enjoy the sweet treats every holiday season. Costco_empties notes that "Each box contains over 2 pounds of a variety of holiday cookies. These are always a HIT!" A commentator wholeheartedly agreed, saying that they ended up splitting the cookies with their siblings and have been waiting for the platter all year.