What Chick-Fil-A Employees Find Most Annoying About Taking Orders

Fast food workers, like many people working in the service industry, have to deal with all the regular challenges of their role. These can include hazards such as machines that suddenly stop working, rushes when they're forced to work at warp speed, dictates from corporate, and more. And, to top it all off, they have to deal with customers, which can be a serious challenge in its own right. 

In that last respect, it seems that misery truly does love company. One Reddit user took to the r/ChickFilAWorkers subreddit to ask other Chick-fil-A employees what they feel are some of the most annoying things about taking orders. Given that this is the primary time for employee-customer interaction, there were plenty of responses.

The original poster named a variety of reasons they were irked while taking orders. These included individuals talking far too quietly to understand, those who have zero time for pleasantries and treat the employees like robots, customers requesting "fresh" food, others startled by the price of their food, and of course, teens who just can't stop laughing.

It seems the poster's list struck a nerve. Within just a few days, the thread had over 40 comments, with many other Chick-fil-A employees weighing in on the things they find the most irritating when it comes to taking orders.

Common complaints from Chick-fil-A workers

One of the most common issues that many employees had concerned indecisive customers constantly adding things to their order after the fact. Even after the employee double-checks that they're finished, somehow these diners always want just one more thing. In fact, one Redditor even mentioned dealing with a customer who — after paying for their order, taking their receipt, and driving away — paused their vehicle in the drive-through and if they could add one more thing.

Many also took issue with customers who aren't prepared when it comes time to pay, and are forced to dig through their various cards while the employee watches. As another Reddit user wrote, "Please have payment ready people. Also, if you realize it's going to take a while to find then please acknowledge me instead of acting like I'm not there."

Others had particular gripes about drive-through behavior, such as customers who barely open their window and don't talk loud enough or clear enough. Several employees also complained about being subjected to drivers who allow marijuana fumes to drift through the drive-through window. However, it seems that the vast majority of Chick-fil-A employees are bottling their frustrations and still providing exemplary service. As Business Insider reports, Chick-fil-A snagged the title of fast food chain with the best customer service four years in a row in the American Customer Satisfaction Index's annual survey. Next time, consider paying back some of that customer service by being a good drive-thru customer.