Why The Cows Jet's Pizza Sources Its Cheese From Listen To Opera

If you've ever had Detroit-style pizza, you know how incredibly unique it is. Motor City is the birthplace of the rectangular pie with buttery deep-dish crust, mounds of gooey cheese, and a generous layer of zesty tomato sauce. Invented in 1946 by Gus and Anna Guerra, owners of Buddy's Rendezvous, the pizza became a legend upon the first bite, according to Pure Michigan.

Jet's Pizza is one of the most popular pizzerias in the U.S., offering a hefty menu of polygonal 'zas to hungry customers in 19 states, according to the brand's official website. The franchise — founded by Eugene Jetts and his brother John in 1978 — is known for its delectable topping combinations and quirky crust flavors, including cajun and poppyseed. And then, of course, there's the cheese. The cheese Jet's uses on its pizzas is quite special. How so? The chain uses freshly grated mozzarella cheese that comes from some of the happiest cows on the planet. Keep reading to understand the brand's claim.

Relaxed cows produce better milk for cheesemaking

If you ask the folks at Jet's, high-quality ingredients don't appear out of thin air. They believe that every ingredient requires a healthy amount of TLC to ensure the best tasting pizzas you can find. That is why the cows that produce the milk for the cheese sprinkled atop these Detroit-style pizzas live on farms on which they are treated like gold. Founder and president Eugene Jetts shared some of the company's secrets in an interview with WXYZ-TV. For instance, the dairy cows sleep on bed mattresses in their individual stalls rather than the ground. Talk about being pampered!

And the best part of how these spoiled bovines live? The cows listen to opera music all day long. According to the dairy farmers who implement these elements of comfort, cows that are raised in relaxed, pleasant environments supply better tasting milk, and as a result, better tasting cheese. So, next time you indulge in a slice of Jet's, consider playing some classical tunes.