Martha Stewart Is Refusing To Reveal This About Her Love Life

Sharing secrets and spilling tea is what has made Martha Stewart the phenom she is today. Or, rather, sharing secrets about what to do once you've spilled actual tea on your best white linen tablecloth. Stewart has been teaching life hacks and starting (or bucking) trends since before TikTok was even a glimmer in the internet's eye — before the internet, really — and she's never been afraid to share her expertise and experience with a grateful, massive audience.

That is, until last week, when Andy Cohen asked the domestic goddess about her dating life on his show, "Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen" (via People). Asked by Cohen if she's currently dating, the legendary icon's response was craftier than the Holiday DIY section of the Martha Stewart Living website. "I shouldn't say no," Stewart corrected, after first replying in the negative. She went on to clarify: "I mean yes, but I'm not going to tell you." If you're new to the culinary stylings of Madame Stewart, that's what's known in the cooking world as a classic burn.

When it comes to relationships, Stewart's lips are sealed

Perhaps speculators would do better to make a list of who Martha Stewart isn't dating, than to take on the monumental task of discovering her mystery partner amidst what is no doubt a sea of suitors. For example, Stewart has, time and again, emphasized the innocence of her wholesome friendship with Snoop Dogg. While she did write, "Snoop and I have a special bond that dates back to when he first appeared on the 'Martha Stewart Show' in 2008," in her forward to Snoop's 2018 cookbook, their appearance together on the "Best Friends Challenge" during "The Tonight Show" solidifies that the relationship is purely plutonic.

"Larry King was not my type romantically," hinted Stewart on "Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen," when pressed for more details of her dating life. And as People reported in 1995, there is no love lost between Stewart and Andrew Stewart, her ex-husband of over thirty years, so chances of a reunion there are slim. Stewart is also not shy about her dislike of truffle oil (as she told Today Food), or coffee mugs (as she told Jimmy Fallon). Martha Stewart also can't abide bad service or anyone who might miscount her peacocks. But if the question is what (or more to the point, who) Martha Stewart loves... Well, it would seem that the answer will evade a curious public a while longer.