Why Instagram Is Concerned About Giada De Laurentiis' Christmas Tree

Christmas has a tendency to split opinions and cause a bit of a stir, but not always for the reason you would think. While getting together with the family can be stressful enough, some of the harder parts of the season can involve agreeing on decorations, dinner, cookies, and gifts — it's enough to make a person a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. 

Add in social media, and the picture only gets more stressful. In years past, the internet has had plenty of Christmas-themed things to be divided over. For one, there was the Christmas tree beer cake from Martin House Brewing Company. There was also the time when Little Debbie's made a Christmas Tree cakes ice cream, which created so much difficulty in its being able to be found that people were up in arms. And let's not forget the actual Christmas trees — which, no matter which direction they take, are likely to be slammed in one way or another, particularly when they belong to a public figure. Unfortunately for Giada De Laurentiis, her trees are going under fire right now, and not in ways she might have expected.

A different kind of cat calling

When Giada De Laurentiis posted a photo of her Christmas tree on Instagram this year, she likely did not expect a certain kind of commentary that is now unfolding. That is, while she probably could have anticipated that some would be concerned about the look of the tree — as seen by the unfortunately predictable comments like "WTF is that???" and "Where's the tree?" — it seems that other users were far more concerned about the company said tree is keeping, instead. 

To cut to the chase, quite a number of followers seemed more eager to comment on the easy access that her cat had to the tree, as opposed to the décor of the tree itself. Many a follower was quite concerned about the cats and their access to the tree. One fan requested, "Post a picture of when your cat destroys the tree" and another mentioned that "Pretty but cat looking suspicious." 

Not everyone was so negative. One follower wrote, "I was just telling my husband that my last cat before he and I were together would lay underneath the tree. I see your cat is doing the same." Another posted about loving the idea that the cat looked ready to climb the tree. Either way, this cat seems poised to pounce — or at least make itself comfortable in the upper branches. As for De Laurentiis, she certainly seems more giddy than concerned. Here's hoping all of her cat friends leave it alone until Christmas!