TikTok Can't Believe This Massive KFC Drink Size

When you think of America, you don't think of one tiny nation, you think of a massive union. Perhaps the size of our great nation has influenced us in how we handle most things, since everything in America is, well, pretty big! We have SUVs, McMansions, Walmarts, Costcos, stadiums, televisions, big hearts — the list can go on. It seems that this is simply just a product of the American "bigger is better" myth (via The Tartan). There is no denying that America is a big place, and with its size comes an even bigger variety of wonderful things that truly make our country great. There is, however, some concern that our "bigger equals better" attitude may be a bit much, especially in the world of fast food.

Indeed, in a world of Baconators and milkshakes stuffed with everything from Oreos to candy bars, it's no surprise that America is facing an obesity crisis. Trust for America's Health reports that 16 states in the United States have an obesity rate of 35% or more. While it's up to the consumer to make their own health-conscious choices, and many fast food companies do offer healthier alternatives on their menus, it seems that certain restaurants have a pretty lax attitude towards their serving sizes. Although you may think that a supersized cup was as far as fast food drink sizes were willing to go, the good folks at KFC had a bolder, wilder idea, much to one TikTok user's amazement.

You can order your drinks in a bucket at KFC

That's right, you read it correctly — you can get your drink in a bucket. If you're surprised, you're probably feeling just like TikTok user Aubrey Layton. Layton and her mother went to KFC and placed an order for a 10-piece feast, a large coleslaw, two large fries, 4 biscuits, 4 cookies, and a bucket of Pepsi. At first, Layton believed the bucket of Pepsi was merely a typo — until a plastic pouch, designed like the famous KFC bucket used to serve their chicken, filled with Pepsi was placed onto her lap. Known as the Beverage Bucket (via Newsweek), the half-gallon bucket has a thick plastic tube on one end with a screw-cap, allowing the drink inside to be poured directly from the pouch. Layton called the item the "most American sh-t I've ever seen."

Some commenters joked that Americans should stop calling Canada weird for having bagged milk when they have "bagged Pepsi." Others embraced the item, saying that true Americans enjoy the Beverage Bucket and expressed a desire to get one — even if it was in the dead of night. One person explained that the bucket was used for catering, and since Layton and her mother ordered the Feast, they were given it to share.

KFC isn't the first to sell drinks like this. Chili's sells their margaritas to-go in the same fashion.