Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin Thinks This Discontinued Candy Should Get Another Chance - Exclusive

Finding a candy that Jackie Sorkin will disavow is about as possible as teaching a goldfish how to play the clarinet. Candy corn and circus peanuts? Sorkin loves them both. "I ... feel so bad when I see all the candy corn haters," she admitted to Mashed in an exclusive interview. "And the circus peanuts are airy and light and delicious. I don't know what is wrong with people."

It's good to see that the "Candy Queen" rules over her sweet kingdom with a sense of absolute impartiality. And while it would be easy to believe that it's all an act, spun to buff up her reputation as a real-life Willy Wonka, playing favorites with sweet treats actually makes Sorkin very uncomfortable. When pushed to do so, she begrudgingly admitted that her team favors gummies when creating candy masterpieces, but even that admission made her squirm. 

"I love all candy. You know what makes me feel bad? I feel like I'm leaving people out," she lamented of having to choose favorites. "It's like the candy has feelings for me and ... it makes me sad." The "Candy Kingdom" founder is even more of an unabashed advocate for the underdogs of the candy world, and during the interview, she shared a lot of love for ... drum roll, please ... Necco Wafers. Before you dismiss the idea, hear her out.

Jackie Sorkin wants Necco Wafers to have their 'winning moment'

You read that correctly. Jackie Sorkin really wants you to give Necco Wafers another chance. It's not that the candy queen harbors any illusions. Unlike her genuine appreciation for candy corn and circus peanuts, even Sorkin recognizes the limitations of the treat whose harshest critics like The Wall Street Journal compare to "drywall." Sorkin is considerably kinder. "The thing about Necco Wafers is they're really chalky and they have a really unique, interesting consistency," she conceded to Mashed. "I don't know that they get a lot of love."

But, that's something that Sorkin wants to change. "You know, the truth. I feel bad for Necco Wafers," she admitted. "I'm so driven by my empathy and compassion that now I feel bad for them. And I want them to have their winning moment. So let's bring back Necco Wafers and make them a champion." The queen has spoken. 

Though Jackie Sorkin doesn't use Necco Wafers in the 1,000-square-foot holiday house that she made for the Hulu special, "Candified: Home For The Holiday's," she does use 325 other different kinds of candy. Check out the four-episode special streaming now. For everyday reminders of life's sweeter side, follow Sorkin on Instagram.