Reddit Can't Believe This Starbucks Sandwich Missing Its Key Ingredient

Some eateries try to cram as many toppings into a sandwich as possible — to the point where it's a feat of physics to even take a bite of the towering culinary creation. It makes you appreciate simplicity, such as that found in a perfectly executed grilled cheese sandwich or a nostalgic PB&J made just the way you like it. However, there is such a thing as a sandwich that's too simple, as one Starbucks customer recently learned.

The frustrated — and likely still hungry — diner took to a Starbucks Reddit thread to share their experience after ordering one of the coffee chain's tomato and mozzarella sandwiches. According to the Starbucks website, the sandwich in question is a "satisfyingly delicious delight," complete with mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, spinach, and basil pesto nestled between toasted focaccia. When the customer unwrapped their sandwich, however, they didn't quite find what was advertised: Namely, there didn't appear to be a single piece of mozzarella on the entire sandwich. Plus, u/lavendersigil's photo showed that the rest of the ingredients also seemed sparse, with a smear of pesto that barely covered half of the lower bun, a few wilted spinach leaves, and two tiny tomatoes.

What Reddit had to say about this sad Starbucks sandwich

Reddit user @lavendersigil captioned the photo of their Starbucks sandwich, "Opened a tomato mozzarella to find a tomato with no mozzarella, saddest thing I've done seen all day." One commenter seemed to think that review was too generous, adding, "Even if it had the mozzarella that would still be sad. There's hardly any tomato." Other users chimed in with their similar experiences at Starbucks, with one writing that they once received a bacon-less bacon and Gouda sandwich and another claiming they were handed a breakfast sandwich containing nothing but an egg.

Reddit user @MungotheSquirrel lamented about the lack of quality control with some of the food items sold by the coffee chain. "I don't make much money and do repetitive work also, but I have yet to hand out a latte that I couldn't be bothered to add milk to." It seems that the original poster may have been better off whipping up a homemade version of the sandwich, which they could have loaded up with as much mozzarella as their heart desired.