Asian Restaurants You Need To Try In Every State

There's this mistaken idea in the foodie community that to get the best of the best when it comes to particular kinds of cuisine, you need to travel to a certain area. As an appreciation for different cultures and different cultural dishes becomes more mainstream across the country, however, there are hidden treasures to be found across all 50 states.

That holds true for Asian cuisine, be it sushi, sizzling Korean barbecue, trendy soup dumplings, fiery curries, or steaming bowls of pho. The appreciation and demand for food from across the vast continent has come a long way in the last few decades, and increased demand has meant that it's now being served in pockets of the country where it was previously unavailable. It's beautiful to see how many more people are discovering and falling in love with new dishes and we'd like to encourage that. There are thousands of Asian restaurants across the U.S. covering several countries, not to mention a slew of regional specialties. For a taste of what's out there, we've narrowed down a must-try destination for each state. 

Alabama: Red Pearl Restaurant - Birmingham

Experience the glory of authentic Chinese food if you're in Alabama with Red Pearl Restaurant. Tucked away in the suburbs of Birmingham, this restaurant shares its space with Super Oriental Market. This unique combination allows for fresh ingredients are rare dishes you won't find anywhere else. 

Their selection of traditional cuisine is not to be slept on, with dishes such as cumin lamb and sizzling chicken feet. But if you have a craving for sesame chicken or beef with broccoli, you can also find those on the extensive menu. Several Yelp reviewers note how generous the servings are, making each dish well worth its price. Fans also share their appreciation of the extensive vegetarian options that are not always available in other restaurants in the area.

Make sure to carve out some time to wander around the market either before or after your meal. Their selection of products is unique for the area and was so thorough a few Yelp reviewers compare it to markets in New York City's Chinatown.

Alaska: Jimmy's Asian Food - Anchorage

Jimmy's Asian Food in Anchorage offers an incredible selection of authentic Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine. Owner and chef Jimmy Zhou spent over 20 years as a sushi chef,  before striking out on his own, so he knows the real deal and serves up nothing less.

Locals love the consistently flavorful dishes served up with a smile and often, a hello from Jimmy himself. He's known to chat with patrons and discuss his own menu recommendations, ensuring he's steering you toward the best dishes. The atmosphere has been described as very traditional and welcoming by satisfied Yelp reviewers, whether you're a family or flying solo. It's a particularly great spot for groups considering that the range of cuisines means that even the pickiest eaters in the bunch can find something they'll eat every last morsel of. Generous portions allow for family-style eating so everyone can get a taste of each other's delicious selections. 

Arizona: Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar - Chandler

Fans of Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar in Chandler are absolutely obsessed with the atmosphere, which combines food and entertainment in all the best ways. The dinner show is family-friendly, but definitely fun for an all-adult crowd as well. Sometimes it's a lounge singer, while other times a husband and wife duo perform (per Tripadvisor).

Entertainment aside, the food is a serious draw. One Tripadvisor reviewer notes that fans of spicy food will get their fill at Singing Pandas, noting, "If you ask for spicy — you will get it spicy!" For people who like to make adjustments of their food, reviewers have noted that the staff is great about working with you to customize your dish. Servers are also super knowledgeable about the menu and prepared to make recommendations that vary from table to table.

"We ordered Mongolian beef, orange chicken, Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles, and Egg Foo Young (which I have never had in my entire life). I was pretty impressed with the food!" raves a Yelp reviewer. "All of it was fresh and exceed my expectations. Portions were large and we ended up taking half [of] it home."

Arkansas: Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. - Little Rock

Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. in Little Rock has won the heart of many locals and passers through. It doesn't matter if you're a Chinese dumpling fanatic or a noodle connoisseur because at Three Fold, you don't have to choose. Reviewers rave about their half and half bowls, which allow you to get half orders of each of their signature dishes. Since the portions are already generous, you get a great meal and a taste of both for a very reasonable price.

Regular restaurant-goers also love Three Fold for their plethora of vegetarian and vegan options, making it possible for big groups to visit without anyone making any sacrifices. But, whether you go veggie or meat you won't be disappointed. "The first bite was an explosion of flavors that I just couldn't get enough of," one Yelp reviewer writes. "If I lived in the area, I would eat here quite often!"

California: Bao Dim Sum House - Los Angeles

It's extremely difficult to narrow down the best Asian restaurant in California, but for an all-around crowd-pleaser, you can't go wrong with Bao Dim Sum House in Los Angeles. The Beverly Blvd. restaurant offers an incredible selection of food so authentic, you won't believe you're west of the San Gabriel Valley. Visitors love that their menu has plenty of pictures, which can help you keep track of your favorites if you happen not to know them by name, or fall back in love with that thing you ordered at that place that time. Many return visitors have their favorites, like juicy pork dumplings and sautéed pea shoots in garlic, memorized and are ready to order for the table.

Not only is the food delicious, but there are swanky cocktails if you're inclined to imbibe, from a White Lotus Cosmo to a lychee martini. Bao Dim Sum House knows it draws a crowd, so much so that it has merch for fans to buy as a token of their experience. Don't be surprised if you find yourself leaving with a t-shirt or two.

Colorado: Asian Cookery - Colorado Springs

Colorado may not be the first state that comes to mind when you're hankering for southeast Asian food, but Asian Cookery is a small spot that can change all that. The Colorado Springs restaurant was open by Chef Peng Jones in 2017 and reviewers familiar with Malaysian and Singaporean food say that this is the real deal. Asian Cookery is the place to be for a taste of really authentic cuisine that comes in sizable portions at great prices. It also features a great atmosphere, with Chef Peng and her staff remembering customers' orders and greeting them by name.

Among the most orders are the curry laksa noodle bowl, beef rendang nasi lemak, and the Hainanese chicken rice, a poached dish that is a staple in Singapore. "What a hidden gem you have here Colorado Springs," one Yelp reviewer remarks. "This place ... definitely serves up delicious Malaysian and Singaporean food."

Connecticut: Kissaki - Greenwich

Kissaki isn't just any old Japanese restaurant. This celebrated spot in Greenwich (the lone Connecticut outpost of the New York mini-chain), specializes in omakase, a form of Japanese cuisine where guests put their culinary experience in the hands of the chef. You dine at the restaurant's sushi counter face-to-face with the chef, who curates your experience by gauging your reactions to what you're served and steering you toward items they believe you'll enjoy. Dishes are seasonal and unique and creates a unique experience each and every time.

Reviewers understand how those who have casual interest in sushi can be intimidated by the style of the meal, as well as the price. Still, the resounding feeling is that it's a must for anyone who truly loves sushi. "Sounds a bit expensive, however, incomparable on taste," one Yelp reviewer notes. If you're looking to indulge and really enjoy your food and experience, Kissaki is the place for it all.

Delaware: Pho Bami - Wilmington

Pho has been having a moment, and if you're in Delaware, there's no better place to grab it or any other Vietnamese dishes you're hankering for than Pho Bami in Wilmington. "The cuisine here is a delicate harmonious combination between the unique flavors of dishes from the gentle and hospitable country of Vietnam and the dynamic modern America," their website boasts.

Not only is this a hit for locals, but foodies are such devotees of Pho Bami that some travel all the way from Philly to get their fix. The broken rice with pork chop is a fan favorite, along with other traditional fare such as an assortment of banh mi sandwiches and hu tieu, a popular Vietnamese breakfast dish. The pho signature is available in many varieties with rich broth that will keep you full and happy for hours to come.

"This was the best place that I have eaten at in 2 years!" one Yelp reviewer raves. "We eat out a ton and all over the world and this is the real deal."

Florida: Mamak Asian Street Food - Orlando

Exploring the street food of Southeast Asia can be a real treat, and Mamak Asian Street Food serves up just that. The restaurant's name, pronounced "Mah-Mahk," is derived from the term for a street food vendor in the region. The darling Orlando location is owned by a first-generation Malaysian-American husband and wife team, affectionately known as Mama Jenny and Papa Ken Lo. The couple took their experiences in food service and have parlayed it into four different restaurants around the country, including this one.

The expansive offerings include so many delicious bites including wok fried noodles, charcoal grilled satay and bulgogi skewers, and even a spicy Asian take on tater tots. Don't overlook the roti canal, which is found on the "tapas" portion of the menu. "The roti canai is to die for. Served hot, crispy and the curry that goes with it is just... Mmm!" a Foursquare reviewer notes. "You'll want to order more than one."

Georgia: Poor Calvin's - Atlanta

Poor Calvin's, the brainchild of Vietnamese-born chef Calvin Phan, offers dishes that are a combination of Asian cuisine and southern comfort foods. Where else are you going to find a dish like combines fried green tomatoes and Korean-style beef served with a ghost pepper barbecue sauce?  

But, if you were to name just one signature dish on the Atlanta restaurant's creative menu, many fans would pick the lobster fried rice. "The lobster fried rice is rich in flavor and texture, with a splendid mix of Thai spices, diced mango, vegetables, eggs, and lobster meat, topped with a tempura fried lobster tail," one reviewer shares. "The tempura lobster has a perfectly crunchy exterior with tasty, juicy meat inside." Others love the Baby Back Ribs Prik Kingh, a less-spicy Thai curry that packs a punch without being fiery.

If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll also appreciate their robust dessert menu that features inventive plates like suspension cake and chocolate-covered Fuji apple.

Hawaii: Ginza Bairin Tonkatsu & Yoshoku Bistro - Honolulu

Ginza Bairin Tonkatsu & Yoshoku Bistro is one of the best places to pick up authentic Japanese food in Honolulu. One of several locations throughout different countries, these restaurants are owned by the third generation of the same family. The family's creations are steeped in history and tradition from Japan's Meiji restoration period, per their website.

This restaurant offers a combination of tradition and contemporary tonkatsu dishes, and multiple reviewers have declared that they serve some of the fried pork cutlets in the entire United States. "The crispy and crunchiness of the katsu was amazing," one Yelp reviewer notes. "They are definitely super authentic and don't skim on any of the process." Those who dine in are treated to unlimited servings of miso soup, rice, and cabbage salad. You also get the authentic experience of grinding your own sesame seeds with a mortar and pestle.

Idaho: Thai Kitchen - Pocatello and Idaho Falls

This popular Idaho restaurant, with locations in Pocatello and Idaho Falls, provides fast, flavorful Thai fare. It's cozy, casual atmosphere appeals to locals and passers-through for dining in. The consensus from many diners who have visited Thai Kitchen is that the portions are great and priced just right. "I always eat here when I visit because the food is spectacular," one Yelp reviewer writes. "I've had Thai all over the country and this is pretty darn good for a small town! I had a delicious order of tofu pad Thai and it was more than enough for one person." 

Many reviewers also acknowledge an accommodating staff that is knowledgeable about the menu and offers great suggestions. They're also adept at making substitutions that can make dishes more vegetarian and vegan friendly, making it a good place to go with a group with a wide range of dietary needs.

Illinois: Little Saigon - Springfield

Little Saigon offers both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. It was voted best new restaurant in Springfield by the Illinois Times after its 2006 opening and has been popular with locals and travelers ever since. One thing that strikes many reviewers about Little Saigon is the restaurant's exquisite décor. Diners who have passed through remark that the ambiance brings much-needed serenity to diners. A lot of fans also suggest that this is a great place to come with a group. Not only are prices reasonable, but fresh ingredients and a wide variety of offerings make it a crowd-pleaser. Whether you're looking for a familiar dish or a rare find, there's something to enjoy. 

"We came here because of Bahn Xeo (the crispy dish) that was not common in Vietnamese restaurants," a Tripadvisor reviewer writes. "We were not disappointed. The Bahn Xeo was excellent, and so was Crazy Noodle and Chicken Asparagus stir fry."

Indiana: FortyFive Degrees - Indianapolis

FortyFive Degrees in Indianapolis has been in its unique location for 13 years and is very beloved by those in the area. A sushi and cocktail destination that sits in a building at a 45-degree angle in the heart of the city, it's a great place for swank meetups and people watching. There's also local live entertainment on certain nights, which heightens the experience.

Atmosphere aside, the food is also highly praised. Many reviewers pointed to the Playboy Roll as one of the best picks on the menu. It's made with spicy tuna, asparagus, jalapeño, and shrimp tempura, topped with salmon, shrimp, and three sauces, and then it gets lit on fire (via Eater).

Prices are great for fresh sushi in interesting combinations, as well as the classics you love. On Sunday, you can even get half-priced sushi, so you won't feel bad indulging in twice your usual order.

Iowa: Le's Chinese Bar-B-Que - Des Moines

Le's Chinese Bar-B-Que in Des Moines draws a crowd with their authentic Cantonese barbecue dishes. Reviewers rave about the whole roast duck, noting how hard it is to get the consistency right without compromising the quality of the meat. Le's gets it right and judging by the different experiences shared, they do it every time. 

In fact, all their meats shine. "The BBQ pork is crispy, juicy, flavorful with five spice, tender and always fresh! The same with their crispy duck! If you haven't had duck or you have this is the best place to get juicy, tender, crispy skin duck," a Yelp reviewer shares. "It is never gamey nor do you feel like a greaseball after eating it! The fat is rendered out but still keeps it's tender juicy meat with a crispy outer skin!"

Beyond the barbecue, the restaurant also offers plenty of other Chinese specialties that will keep you satisfied.  

Kansas: Anousone - Overland Park

Kansas may not be where you'd expect to find authentic Lao and Thai cuisine, but Anousone in Overland Park is changing that perspective. Tucked away in Strang Hall alongside other vendors, Anousone has managed to catch the eyes and taste buds of many visitors with authentic dishes that bring a cozy feeling inside and out. The restaurant is named for the late brother of Chef Anourom Thomson. Inspired by his mom's home cooking, Thomson opened the restaurant after many years in the food industry. 

One thing that separates Anousone from the pack is its array of southeast Asian comfort foods. Many can't pass up the opportunity to taste their specialty dish, the marinated pork ribs, which a Yelp reviewer describes as "huge generous ribs marinated with a cornucopia of delectable spices over a bed of savory curry and rice. It fills your soul and warms your heart."

Kentucky: Riverside Korean Restaurant - Covington

The award-winning Riverside Korean Restaurant in Covington is known for offering incredible, authentic Korean cuisine in a friendly and welcoming environment. The bibimbap at this family-owned spot is a particular standout. It's not only the stone-pot rice itself, but every imaginable thing you'd want to add to it included with the dish that makes the preparation perfectly tuned to your tastes. If you're getting food to go, don't worry. They don't skimp on sending all the extras with your order.

A Yelp reviewer gives Riverside Korean the ultimate compliment, comparing the dishes served at the restaurant to the food that was cooked by her late great-grandmother. "I am Korean and my great grandmother made everything from scratch. She passed, I learned some, but not all," the reviewer writes. "I've been in search of a place that reminded me of home. This was it!!! The food was spectacular."

Louisiana: Luvi Restaurant - New Orleans

Luvi Restaurant in New Orleans proudly serves up homestyle Shanghai specialties, as well as modern Japanese dishes. Eater called Luvi "continuously one of the most exciting restaurants in New Orleans." 

Chef and owner Hao Gong has over two decades of experience in Japanese cuisine, while his expertise when it comes to Shanghai cuisine stems from his childhood. Chef Gong provides a true experience, with items that are gorgeously plated in a vibrant setting The restaurant is particularly known for its array of raw dishes. "If you are a looking for some of the most uniquely flavored sushi on earth, you absolutely have to try LUVI," one Yelp reviewer raved. "I tend to have a really spicy palate and sometimes it can be difficult for me to distinguish different flavors in sushi, but ... this is by far the most unique sushi that I have ever had in my life."

Maine: Anju Noodle Bar - Kittery

Anju Noodle Bar in Kittery prides itself in its "intricate, free-style Asian cuisine." The atmosphere has a stylish air to it, but it's definitely still family-friendly, making it an interesting local draw. If you do decide to leave the kids home, you can check out the restaurant's sister cocktail bar, the Wallingford Dram.

"My husband has spent a good amount of time in Japan and this has been the closest to authentic we have found!" a Yelp reviewer shares. "They offer to make plain noodles for kids and they do have some other regular menu options I think kids would generally eat." Other reviewers note the unique and incomparable flavor of Anju Noodle Bar's ramen made with broth that is simmered for 14-hours and meat that is provided by the butcher next door (via Eater). Whether you love heat or like to keep things mild, the restaurant will help to customize the level of spice in your dish or point you toward a more appropriate alternative. 

Maryland: 168 Asian Burrito - Olney

Get all the filling glory of a popular Mexican specialty with unique East Asian flavor profiles at 168 Asian Burrito in Olney. To be clear, you won't find any carnitas, carne asada, or al pastor on the menu. Instead, the namesake dish includes fillings such as raw tuna with sweet garlic sauce, beef bulgogi, and Taiwanese popcorn chicken wrapped with carrots, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, corn, edamame, and tempura flakes. 

Sure, some are skeptical because it's a quick-stop place located next to a gas station, but a look at the glowing reviews for 168 Asian Burrito shows that you can't judge a book by it's cover. "Everything is made fresh and if you order anything that is crispy they tell you it's better to open the lid a bit so the food doesn't get soggy," one enthusiastic Yelp reviewer notes. "But they didn't need to worry I ate it in the car ride home."

Massachusetts: Karma - Andover

A true Asian fusion spot, Karma, located in Andover, takes a really international approach to Asian cuisine. There are influences from countries across the region, as well as a detour to France, to provide unique tastes that are signature to this restaurant. They also have an extensive craft cocktail list, including several tiki drinks, offering sensational beverage pairings for their delicious eats.

"The menu has a great variety to suit everyone's tastes and needs; from sushi to crab rangoons, to pad Thai," one Yelp reviewer opines of the diverse offerings here. Another writes, "Surprisingly excellent find in the suburbs," and offered recommendations for the duck bao buns, spicy tuna roll, and uni. 

A major draw of Karma for a lot of locals is their extensive gluten-free options which includes everything from lettuce wraps and sushi along with several cooked seafood options. And patriots fans can rejoice, since several framed jerseys adorn the walls of the restaurant.  

Michigan: Red Star - Dearborn

Meals are made to order, so every dish from Red Star Chinese Restaurant in Dearborn is super fresh and tasty. Quality is important to the owners of Red Star and reviewers say they deliver time and time again.

Part of the appeal of Red Star is that they use meat substitutes to bring traditional, fan-favorite dishes to their vegetarian and vegan diners. "Them vegan options are no joke," a Yelp reviewer exclaims. "I can confidently say the vegan almond chicken especially is insane, and truly better than any non-vegan version I remember having."

Whether you're looking for vegan Chinese or old-school Chinese-American classics like kung pao beef, moo goo gai pan, or sweet and sour pork, the generous portions will leave you with a little something to take home, and you'll definitely be thankful. For the best value, order one of the lunch combinations which come with your choice of spring roll or egg roll and shrimp fried rice. 

Minnesota: Zen Box Izakaya - Minneapolis

Zen Box Izakaya offers tapas, expertly-crafted ramen, and other Japanese comfort food. Those from both near and far rave about the service at the restaurant, whether you're dining in or grabbing food to go. "I visit Minneapolis at-least once a year. And now this is one of the places I keep going back to," a Yelp reviewer notes. "I come from the Washington/Seattle area where Asian food is abundant. I have had a lot of ramen from many places. But this place has stood out among the rest."

Locals love Zen Box because they offer a rewards program that shows customers appreciation for their continued patronage. You can get $10 off with every 100 points earned, plus a special birthday reward. Couple that with generous portions and some of the richest, most savory ramen broth out there, and it's no wonder people root so hard for this restaurant.

Mississippi: Mr. Chen's - Jackson

Mr. Chen's in Jackson combines American-style Chinese food with more traditional dishes. Not only can you enjoy authentic prepared eats, but you can also buy hard-to-find ingredients that make up some classic Asian dishes in the attached grocery store. 

Those who frequently dine at Mr. Chen's there think it's an excellent place to visit with a large group because of the restaurant's diverse offerings. Picky and adventurous eaters alike can find something to fall in love with on their menu from chicken with broccoli to spicy sliced pork ears.

"Hands down the best Asian cuisine in Mississippi. We eat here at least once a month and every American holiday," one Yelp reviewer shares of their experiences. "Anytime someone tells me they have never eaten here, we drop what we are doing and head over so they can experience the best Chinese food they have ever eaten."

Missouri: Spices Asian Restaurant - Kansas City

If you're in the mood for fiery Thai cuisine, Spices Asian Restaurant in North Kansas City is the place for you. Patrons love that this restaurant will work with each diner to fine-tune their dish to their preferred spice level. This is great news for those who can't do spicy food, but even better news for those who want dishes with the heat cranked all the way up.

"The menu is fantastic and they do bring the heat," one Yelp reviewer attests. "Everything I've had here has been very flavorful and generous portions. Definitely worth the visit if you are hungry for some great food."

Beyond the Thai menu, there are a number of dishes from across Asia to try out. From massaman curry to Chinese sesame chicken and Vietnamese pho, there's a lot to explore. Locals work their way through the menu and encourage others to do the same.

Montana: Whistle Pig Korean - Bozeman

Diners who believe that sophisticated food has to come in a dressed-up setting will learn their lesson from the laid-back atmosphere of Bozeman's Whistle Pig Korean restaurant. 

This gem offers authentic Korean food courtesy of owner and chef Emma Woods. She was born in Korea, but professionally trained in Cape Cod. She was even a contestant on Food Network's "Guy's Grocery Games" (via IMDb). 

Those who have eaten at Whistle Pig appreciate the restaurant's many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Regardless of your dietary needs, there are plenty of dishes that will deliver flavor and satisfaction beyond what you'd expect from this little Montana restaurant. 

"I am so glad that I found this restaurant," one Yelp reviewer shares. "The vibe is relaxed and friendly. The food is delicious. The price is right ... the flavors are all there, and the cooks know how to create wonderful Korean cuisine."

Nebraska: Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen - Omaha

Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen in Omaha has won the hearts of many with their incredible prices and super-generous portions. The strip-mall gem offers a combination of traditional Chinese fare along with American-influenced dishes. Visitors to Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen love the welcoming atmosphere of this family-owned restaurant. The varied menu offerings also make it easy to dine there with a group. Each dish is full of flavor with fresh ingredients that everyone can truly enjoy. Options include everything from chicken wings and chop suey pork to ma po bean curd and spicy sautéed lamb with cumin

"This is hands down the best Chinese food I've ever had. And I've had a lot," writes an enthusiastic Yelp reviewer. "They have all your American traditional Cantonese favorites. And also a lot of interesting regional Chinese dishes that you will not find at a regular Chinese restaurant in the U.S."

Nevada: Rice Box Kitchen - Reno

If you think a meal in a box is going to be a boring affair, think again. Rice Box Kitchen in Reno is changing the way you think of Asian fusion. They describe their menu as "simple, Asian-inspired comfort food that will make you smile," and fans agree. The restaurant is the product of Chef Perapol Damnernpholkul, who also owns Gossip Kitchen in San Francisco. He immigrated from Thailand to Wyoming and his food is inspired by home-cooked meals courtesy of his mother. 

Along with a menu Thai favorites like khao moo dang (five spice pork over rice) and khao soi gai (coconut curry egg noodle soup), Chef Perapol serves up a Japanese shabu shabu experience. "We had run into the perfect meal to welcome in the chilly breeze and we were in pure bliss," writes a Yelp reviewer. "We were completely consumed in the warmth of the broth and the fresh ingredients that could be dipped in Perapol's tangy peanut sauce and combined in all sorts of ways between so many ingredients."

New Hampshire: Saigon & Tokyo - Dover

Saigon & Tokyo is a crowd-pleaser in the truest sense. Their enormous menu offers dishes from just about every Asian region you can think of with a focus on Vietnamese and Japanese food. They serve up fresh food and a friendly atmosphere, and it's cemented their place in Dover's Asian cuisine scene. 

Families and large groups love exploring everything Saigon & Tokyo's menu has to offer, from pho to vermicelli bowls to fresh sushi selection. For a little restaurant, they make a big impact with their fresh, made-to-order dishes.

A lot praise of praise also goes to the hardworking front-of-house team. "Jenny is amazing and runs a tight ship, she cares about her customers, and she takes the time to get to know you. For awhile, we would visit weekly and she'd always remember my order and sometimes she'd have my favorite drink sitting on my table before I ordered," a Facebook reviewer fondly recalls. "Her entire staff is wonderful and very professional. They always treat us like family and the food is outstanding."

New Jersey: EastWind Chinese Restaurant and Noodle Bar - Atlantic City

Atlantic City's Eastwind Chinese Restaurant and Noodle Bar is tucked away inside the Resorts Casino Hotel, right of the casino floor and steps away from the boardwalk. This restaurant offers a wide selection of Asian dishes including items influenced by Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Singaporean cuisine. If you're expecting something less because of its hotel location, you're sorely mistaken. Reviewers were floored by the quality of food at this hotspot, as well as the quality of service given its round-the-clock busy location. You don't have to worry about it being pricey because its in a resort either. It's worth every penny according to those who have dined there.

"If I could give ten starts I would! Food was absolutely delicious, I wanted to kiss the chef," an enthusiastic Google reviewer writes. "We had the spicy tuna roll, roast duck, short ribs, spring rolls and XO green beans. WHEW the green beans were so good I began searching for a recipe online before we even finished our meal."

New Mexico: FarEast Fuzion Sushi Bar & Lounge - Albuquerque

FarEast Fuzion Sushi Bar & Lounge in Albuquerque offers Chinese and Thai fusion alongside carefully-crafted Japanese sushi. There's something for everyone on the large, varied menu, which makes for great mix-and-match ordering with groups. One of the big draws for those dining in and enjoying the lounge environment is the 300 gallon saltwater aquarium filled with exotic saltwater fish that resides behind the sushi bar. It's one of many things that makes the atmosphere of this restaurant so special. Combined with flavorful dishes that bring the best of the Far East down south, everyone loves their time at this fusion destination.

"Easily the best Thai restaurant in town, but it doesn't just end there ... Fantastic sushi and Chinese dishes as well," a Yelp reviewer shares. "Generally speaking, I expect fusion restaurants to sort of be a jack of all trades that are okay, but not great. FarEast Fuzion is the exception — they're fantastic!"

New York: Pig & Khao - New York City

New York is one place that has truly steep competition when it comes to Asian food. There are countless creative interpretations of cuisine from all over Asia, served up in the five boroughs, upstate, and beyond. Still, Pig & Khao manages to stand out in a fiercely competitive crowd. This restaurant offers a unique combination of Thai and Filipino food, presented in a comforting street-food style. Owned by Ben Bryuch and wife Leah Cohen, who also serves as chef, Pig & Khao combines a welcoming environment with unique and tasty dishes.

"Food was amazing and very flavorful. Each dish has its own character and can stand on its own. We got the pork belly adobo, khao soi, coconut rice, Hainanese duck, and sisig," an Open Table reviewer shares. "All dishes were perfect, and the Hainanese Duck was enhanced by the duck fat rice underneath it. Go for family style so everyone can try a bit of everything."

North Carolina: Lang Van - Charlotte

For over 30 years, Lang Van has been serving up some of the best authentic Vietnamese cuisine in North Carolina. The family-owned Charlotte restaurant is known for catering to its many customers. The only complaint from locals is that the place is often packed now that more and more fans have found out about this former hidden gem, but once you try the dishes you'll understand why it's well worth the wait. You can feast on all of your Vietnamese favorites, from summer rolls and spring rolls, to vermicelli noodles and big bowls of steaming hot pho.  

"A Charlotte staple and so delicious. Started with the quail which was super crispy and some wonton soup that was very flavorful," a Yelp reviewer writes of their visit. "Then we had the lemongrass chicken and a beef dish that was recommended. Everything was fantastic and the portions were huge."

North Dakota: Basil Sushi Bar and Asian Bistro - Williston

Restaurant-goers have praised Basil Sushi Bar and Asian Bistro in Williston for "doing sushi the way it's supposed to be done," per a Yelp review. According to the restaurant, fresh ingredients are flow in from Los Angeles, Seattle, and Japan to ensure that every bite is authentic. 

Basil is run by executive chef Simon Chan, who has worked around the country, but predominantly in Los Angeles, for over 20 years. His creative approach has helped the restaurant recognition as one of the best places in the state for both pho and sushi, a true testament to how delicious all their varied dishes are (via Only In Your State). 

"Everything we've tried on the menu is fantastic. The quality of the ingredients is great but the flavors are fantastic," another Yelp reviewer shares. "Do yourself a favor and stop here if you haven't already. You will not regret it."

Ohio: Sima - Kettering

Sima is an award-winning, family-owned restaurant in Kettering that offers up a blend of traditional Korean and Japanese dishes. Locals love the many specials that the restaurant offers on their delicious meals. Wednesdays are their discounted sushi night, with some rolls going for half price.  Thursdays are $10 noodle night, with your choice of discounted ramen, udon, or soba.

If you want to stick with Korean fare, you'll plenty of options starting with appetizers such as kimchi pancakes and bulgogi mandu (Korean-style dumplings stuffed with marinated steaks). When it's cold outside, prioritize the soups and stews.  

"This is the best Korean/Japanese food in town. Every time I am greeted by the staff who are all so friendly and treat customers very well," a Yelp reviewer shares. "The chef often comes over to the table to introduce himself and make recommendations for the food and he is very informative which is definitely a nice touch that most restaurants in the area lack."

Oklahoma: Yokozuna Sushi - Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Yokozuna Sushi is so beloved in Oklahoma that it has three locations in the state: Downtown Tulsa, South Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. Each spot offers sushi, noodles, and a variety of Asian fusion dishes. Now matter which restaurant you visit, you're guaranteed great food and stellar service. It's no surprise that sushi is the top priority here, but many reviewers also rave about the stacked ramen bowls as well as the Thai green curry, which one Yelp reviewer describes as having "the perfect amount of heat." Vegetarian and vegan guests are also treated to a wide variety of dishes, so there's truly something for everyone to enjoy.

"We tried several different types of Asian entrées in each one had a lot of amazing flavor," an OpenTable reviewer shares. "All meals had amazing flavor, the portions were large and we would order them again. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating."

Oregon: Rollin' Fresh Sushiritos and Poke - Portland

Rollin' Fresh Sushiritos and Poke started out as a food cart. Today, they have multiple food carts around the Portland area, as well as their brick-and-mortar location. Visitors love the restaurant for it's vibrantly decorated atmosphere, which is matched with incredibly flavorful food and a knowledgeable staff that can navigate whatever you throw at them. Owner Ryan Moy is just one of several staff members that can help find the perfect dish for you. They can also work with food allergies and dietary preferences. You can get anything on the menu as a bowl or sushi burrito, so there are a lot of different ways to make the meal your own. 

"Great quality fish with fun, innovative flavor twists like ginger guacamole and a ton of creative sauces I'll need to try out next time," one Yelp reviewer shares. "This was the first time I tried a deep fried sushi burrito and it changed my life for the better!"

Pennsylvania: Bai Wei - Philadelphia

Bai Wei, previously known as Sakura Mandarin Restaurant, offers an interesting blend of regional Chinese dishes for a one-of-a-kind experience. They specialize in authentic Szechuan, Shanghai, and Hunan cuisines. The restaurant's signature dish is the xiao long bao, or Shanghai steamed pork soup dumplings. There is even a black truffle version if you're feeling fancy. The dim sum menu also features several other types of dumplings available fried or steamed. Turn your attention the Szechuan and Hunan specials list for a wide variety of authentic specialties such as shredded pork tripe with bamboo shoot, live tilapia with pickle, and clam with crispy beans.  

"Such a pleasant surprise... all the dishes did NOT disappoint. Full of flavor and left us all so full!" one Yelp reviewer writes of their experience. "The meats were all tender, especially the braised pork belly! Definitely recommend coming here for some Chinese food!"

Rhode Island: Apsara Asian Restaurant - Providence

Apsara Asian Restaurant offers high-quality, authentic Asian cuisine that aims to preserve the art of traditional homestyle dishes. It's not just the stuff you'd find on any given takeout menu. This restaurant offers dishes from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, as they're served there. 

These dishes are meant to be enjoyed family-style at the family-owned restaurant. According to Apsara, the restaurant began as a delivery service back in 1986 to prepare authentic Asian food for singles in the local Asian community who were too busy to cook for themselves. Quickly, they realized there was potential for something more, and have been delivering for the Providence community in a big way.

"The food is great. The price is unbeatable. The portions are huge," one Yelp reviewer writes. "Everything was great and recently coming from Asia I will say this is the most authentic I've had since being back."

South Carolina: Antai Asian Dining - Lexington

Antai Asian Dining in Lexington is all about providing top of the line, fresh ingredients. Their service is an important part of the experience at this locally-owned establishment and it shows with reviewers' feedback on how attentive and knowledgeable staff is. It made all the difference to one reviewer who was all too familiar with the lack of gluten-friendly establishments in the area. "Our waitress was incredible and super friendly. Her knowledge on which foods I could safely eat (almost all of them) was terrifically extensive," they write on Yelp. "She never made me feel like an inconvenience, and I had one of the best meals in Columbia."

The menu offers two main paths with an extensive roster of Chinese dishes to go along with a full sushi menu.  It's a great value (especially if you stop by for happy hour, which is available Monday to Thursday) and an overall fantastic experience.

South Dakota: Phnom Penh Restaurant - Sioux Falls

Phnom Penh Restaurant in Sioux Falls is a unique serves a combination of Chinese and Cambodian dishes that also have some Thai and Vietnamese influences. The restaurant is sibling-owned and family-operated, and the whole staff goes the distance to make guests feel like they're part of the family. Dishes are made to order so while once in a while there can be a little wait, the quality of your order will quickly reveal why it's worth it. Whether you go with your standard fried rice or Cambodian num ansom chrouk (sticy rice filled with pork), you're in a for a treat.  

"This is not your average Midwest Asian restaurant. I had two of my favorite: papaya salad and Cambodian crepes (banh chao) with tofu. The papaya salad was FULL of pungent fish sauce and spice – totally umami!" one Yelp reviewer writes. "We have not had this much FLAVOR from an Asian restaurant in years ... What a find."

Tennessee: Vanh Dy's Asian Restaurant & Lounge - Columbia

Vanh Dy's Asian Restaurant & Lounge is a low-key hotspot in Columbia. The family that owns and operates this fun, lively restaurant spans four generations. Together, they've crafted a menu that boasts Laotian, Thai, Vietnamese, and American dishes. Pho, curries, and fried noodles are among the choices, but if you want to just stick with a steak, that is an option too. Part of the draw of Vanh Dy's is the variety of local entertainment that passes through. The upstairs speakeasy lounge is home to piano entertainers, solo artists, and even a few bands. The adults-only space makes for a heightened exclusive experience that matches the quality of their top of the line dishes.

"Upscale décor, easy atmosphere, all without being pretentious," one Yelp reviewer shares. "Great menu, beautifully plated with a vibrant selection, and above all, super-tasty. Had high expectations for the steamed dumplings and chicken phó, and was not disappointed."

Texas: Blood Bros BBQ - Bellaire

Anyone passing through Texas knows that the state plays no games when it comes to their barbecue. Blood Brothers BBQ, located in Bellaire which is just outside of Houston, takes that to a whole other level, melding Southern-style barbecue with Asian influences for an incredible fusion of flavors. Their menu is always evolving, but the food is consistently out-of-this-world, which keeps customers coming back again and again. One dish you'll hear about again and again is the restaurant's brisket fried rice. Getting a perfectly barbecued brisket has been compared to a religious experience and if that's the case, Blood Brothers BBQ is practically a church. 

"After all these years, Blood Bros still proves itself as one of the hidden gems of Texas bbq anywhere," a Yelp reviewer notes. Just keep in mind that the restaurant is closed Monday and Tuesday and only open for dinner on Thursday. 

Utah: One More Noodle House in South Salt Lake - Salt Lake City

Spicy noodle bowl fans in Utah can't get enough of South Salt Lake's One More Noodle House. They bring delicious, authentic Chinese food to diners, using high quality ingredients and bringing you all things fresh. Having the right bowl of soup can really be a mood-changer, and One More Noodle House has the power to turns your day around with rich bone broths and tasty noodles. "I got the sour spicy pork rib noodle and it was DIVINE. The pork was soft and well seasoned, the broth was rich but not overpowering and the noodles! Oh, the noodles," a Yelp reviewer raves. "Absolutely scrumptious. All of this deliciousness was served in a giant piping bowl that just felt like a warm hug for my insides."

Beyond the broth, don't skip the salads (cucumber and seaweed are fan favorites) and the sandwiches stuffed with your choice of braised pork belly or braised beef. 

Vermont: Hong's Chinese Dumplings - Burlington

You know a dumpling spot has a serious following when they have their own merch. Indeed, Hong's Chinese Dumplings in Burlington has t-shirts and take-home bottles of their "addictive" signature sauces.

The restaurant got its start as a food cart back in 2000. The cart thrived for 18 years on the street, with people looking forward to visiting the cart whenever they were in the popular tourist town. In 2018, they opened a brick-and-mortar location as the home base for their hot, juicy dumplings and the rest was history. 

"These dumplings are so, so, so addictive and I need someone to inject their chili oil into my veins. I ordered some immediately to ship after I left," one Yelp reviewer raves. "Also get the cold peanut noodles on a hot day. No regrets at all. What a cute little place with lights out food. I loved it!"

Virginia: Han Gang Korean Restaurant - Annandale

If you want to know you're having the freshest of fresh Korean cuisine, Han Gang Korean Restaurant in Annandale is the place for you. All of the restaurants' dumplings, noodles, and sauces are made on the premises as part of their commitment to giving customers the very best. Han Gang posts the title of "Virginia's most authentic Seoul food" and reviewers won't argue it. They offer what Northern Virginia Magazine calls "a more refined Korean barbecue experience." Staffers know the menu inside and out and are ready to guide groups big and small to the perfect meal for them.

"The Korean BBQ was just great, the meat was prepared directly before our eyes on our table. Especially the marinated meat was absolutely delicious, also the numerous side dishes," a Tripadvisor reviewer shares. "I cannot compare it to other Korean places but I can recommend this place to anyone who wants to try out Korean BBQ."

Washington: Indo Asian Street Eatery - Tacoma

If you're in Tacoma and have a hankering for Southeast Asian food, look no further than Indo Asian Street Eatery. This restaurant offer some of the best takes on the street foods that bring the region to life. Many who have lived in that part of the world or passed through have praised this place for mastering the foods that remind them of those times. The flavorful delivery present with every dish is thanks to executive chef Yu, born and raised in Bangkok. A self-taught cook who has perfected his craft over the past decade, he finds interesting ways to bring Southeast Asian street food to life.

One of the major draws to Indo Asian Street Eatery is their plethora of vegetarian options. "Great spot. Lots of interesting dishes, plenty of vegetarian options, cool vibe and really friendly service," one Yelp reviewer shares. "Between the four of us, we ordered the chicken egg rolls, shrimp and chive dumplings, kale and edamame dumplings, miso salmon, chicken lettuce wraps, pork vermicelli bowl, and side of asparagus and shiitake mushrooms. Everything was delicious."

West Virginia: Asian Bistro - Morgantown

Asian Bistro in Morgantown is the perfect one-stop shop for all your Asian cravings. They provide Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean dishes in a high-energy atmosphere. The result is a diverse menu which makes the restaurant a hit with families and large groups. The food comes at great value and there are even lunch specials to enjoy during the week.

"Amazing food. I am sad I didn't discover this place sooner," one Yelp reviewer shares. "Today was my first time there and I was sold on the place once I tried their salad with ginger dressing, yum! So much better than ginger salad I've had anywhere else." A lot of reviewers also comment on how great the food presentation is when dining-in. Whether you opt for sushi or a cooked dish, you'll find the exquisite plating is elegant and shows the chef's careful execution of his craft.

Wisconsin: Meat on the Street - Milwaukee

Meat on the Street, known to locals as MOTS, is a restaurant that also has an accompanying food truck, which helps get the word out to Milwaukee locals and beyond about the place's delicious dishes. The food truck was established in 2014 (and later renamed Tatay's Truck), with the brick and mortar location to follow in 2016  (via On Milwaukee). There aren't a lot of Filipino offerings in Wisconsin, but that hasn't stopped MOTS from rising to the top. Their selection of lechon kawali, lumpia, ube ice cream, and more have some feeling like they're eating a home-cooked Filipino meal. The friendly owners drive home that warm, family feeling.

"Excellent original authentic Filipino cuisine, some great culinary twists. Superb service always with smiles, good deals, fabulous caring owners!" one Facebook reviewer shares. "Just finished our Filipino fix with their extraordinary Kamayan and Kin ... and have plenty of leftovers."

Wyoming: Destination Taiwan - Cheyenne

Destination Taiwan is definitely not what you'd expect from a restaurant experience. That's because it's less of a restaurant and more of a dining location; eager eaters enjoying their food at picnic tables outside this little food shack, which is proudly the smallest commercial kitchen in the whole state of Wyoming. They offer a small menu of authentic Taiwanese dishes that folks can't get enough of. Not only do they have traditional dishes, but traditional drinks such as bubble tea

"Drove through Cheyenne and couldn't believe my luck at finding such a special place. I got the scallion chicken noodles, multiple types of pancakes, multiple types of steamed buns, tea eggs, and taro milk," writes one pleased Yelp reviewer. "Everything was absolutely delicious. I lived in Asia for two decades and so am very familiar with Asian food and this tasted just like home. I wish I could come here all the time!"