NFL's Chad Ochocinco Johnson Says McDonald's Is The Key To Success

Even though they work out enough to burn off a huge amount of calories and could theoretically eat whatever they want, many pro athletes keep things relatively clean. They typically consume plenty of lean proteins, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and of course, a ton of water. To many athletes, food is essentially fuel, something necessary to help them get through those long games and training sessions. In fact, anyone who has ever watched the pro-athlete editions of the Men's Health Gym & Fridge tours can likely name a few common staples that pop up time and time again in athletes' fridges.

However, Chad Ochocinco Johnson seems to have a slightly different perspective on the matter. According to the New York Post, Johnson believes the secret to the longevity of his career in the NFL — spanning over a decade — and the reason he was never hurt during those grueling years when injuries are relatively common, is simple. To him, McDonald's is the key to success. That's right — the fast-food chain that you might assume athletes don't even glance at, let alone order from on a regular basis.

The recent revelation wasn't the first time that Johnson has flagged the fast-food giant as an integral part of his routine. Back in 2017, Stack Sports shared a video in which he was munching his way through a carton of McDonald's french fries while training outdoors.

Why Johnson is all about the Golden Arches

There's no denying that the salt and other flavorings make McDonald's food tempting on cheat days, but many fans may be curious as to why exactly Johnson believes dining on Big Macs and McNuggets is the reason he wasn't injured during his time in the NFL.

When walking the red carpet for the Sports Illustrated Awards, he ended up explaining his view to the red carpet interviewer, claiming that the cause behind the injuries many pro athletes were suffering throughout their careers is the unwavering focus on clean, healthy foods. As he told the reporter, "The body needs to build a callus. How do you do that? By eating whatever you want" (via Twitter). He also named a few other athletes, like Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons, who align with his attitude towards food, suggesting that he's not the only pro football player to ever go through the McDonald's drive-through on a regular basis.

And, it seems he may have some supporters in the world of Olympic athletes as well. Back during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Olympic Village Mcdonald's outpost was constantly swarmed with athletes chowing down on their favorites, as Fox News reported. Usain Bolt in particular, for example, allegedly fueled his body during the 2008 games by consuming 100 McNuggets a day (via Time).