Why Joan Collins Was Once Kicked Out Of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

As a celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay often comes under a lot of scrutiny for his behavior. It doesn't help that he is a controversial person who doesn't always get along with certain notable figures. For example, as reported by The Things, Ramsay has a weird relationship with his former mentor, Marco Pierre White. They worked with each other several years ago when Ramsay was new to the industry. Apparently, things got so tough for Ramsay when he was with White that he once teared up on the job (via The Independent). Over the years, they've not refrained from publicly lashing out at each other.

Also, Ramsay once made actress Joan Collins leave one of his most popular restaurants in London. Per Mental Floss, the actual reason for this was not Collins herself but someone else who was with her that evening. That person didn't get along with Ramsay at all and the chef made his disapproval pretty clear. Big ouch.

Gordon Ramsay has since apologized to Joan Collins

As per Mental Floss, Gordon Ramsay didn't actually have an issue with Joan Collins except for the fact that she was with former food critic, A.A. Gill. He made them leave the eatery, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Apparently, Ramsay wasn't fond of A.A. Gill because of what he'd written about his food in the past and didn't approve of his reviews. Of course, Gill wasn't too happy about being told to leave the venue. 

According to the BBC, Gill didn't try to hide his feelings about Gordon Ramsay and simply said that he is "a wonderful chef, just a really second-rate human being." Collins was so upset that she considered suing Ramsay for his behavior (via Mirror). Many years later, Ramsay expressed regret on a show and told Collins, "I'd just like to say a big apology because my mum's never forgiven me for asking you to leave."