McDonald's Tweeted Mariah Carey's 'Rider' And Fans Are Loving It

All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is you... and a McDonald's Sausage McMuffin, a personal greeting from Grimace, and a rhinestone-laden cup of McCafe coffee warmed to 110 degrees. In an effort to promote their new collaboration with the diva that gives away Mariah merch and free food in the days leading up to Christmas, McDonald's shared a post on Twitter that left fans bedazzled.

According to McDonald's, Carey has teamed up with the fast-food chain to offer 12 days of deals to customers using their app from December 13 through December 24. The singing superstar hopes to hit a high note with fans by gifting them with a food item from the Mariah Menu that is free when they make a $1 minimum purchase through the app.

Never one to not take it up an octave, Carey also includes beanies embroidered with her signature and t-shirts with her picture on them, according to USA Today. Carey stated, "I always get a sense of nostalgia when I see the Golden Arches, so creating throwback merch with one of my favorite photos from the 90s was really fun for me." McDonald's says that customers need to "be one of the first approximately 10,000 people" to make a minimum purchase mobile order from the Mariah Menu to get the exclusive merchandise.

Mariah Carey had quite the lengthy list of 'demands'

No proper Diva would show up to a venue without having her rider requirements fulfilled. In preparations for McDonald's holiday collaboration with Mariah Carey for the "12 Days of McDonald's Deals," the burger chain piqued fans' interest on Twitter by sharing a picture of her "rider" captioned, "Just got Mariah Carey's rider and I've got three days to make it happen. Anyone got bedazzled soda cups?" Fans loved the list and are checking it twice.

According to McDonald's, Mariah's favorite menu item is the cheeseburger with extra pickles, and her "rider" will require exactly 1,423 sesame seeds on the bun. Employee headsets will need to be bedazzled along with all straws and soda cups. Twitter user @ristephie commented, "Hit me with the cups, and I can bedazzle them in 2-3 hours. ANYTHING FOR [Mariah Carey]," and McDonald's replied, "Ok, I'll wait for u in the drive-thru." Don't forget that her beverage must contain precisely 17 ice cubes, and fries must be hot and sorted by size. This should be no problem for a fast-food restaurant since they hardly ever get orders wrong.

Jennifer Healan, the vice president of brand content and engagement for McDonald's, said, "Mariah goes with the holidays like ketchup and fries, so we couldn't think of a better partner to help us celebrate the upcoming season." According to Mariah's "rider," that had better be "fancier" ketchup.