This Taco Bell Fender Bender Had TikTok Arguing

It's no secret that Taco Bell is a late-night destination, especially after a night out having fun. The brand solidified that stance when running a campaign for "Fourth Meal" back in 2006 (per QSR Magazine). It wasn't difficult to convince people that they need another meal in the day, but there was one hiccup in the plan. They ended up abandoning the idea specifically because they were drawing in record crowds of drunk people who, not shockingly, misbehaved and were difficult to deal with.

Though, merely ending the advertising did not stop hungry, intoxicated people from going to the Bell, as evidenced in one recent TikTok video. The moment takes place in a Taco Bell drive-thru and shows the aftermath of an allegedly drunk woman bumping the car in front of her. The vehicle that was hit was being driven by a group of young girls, one of whom filmed the exchange.

The video starts with one of the girls in the car jokingly asking for $100 (after it appears there was minimal damage). The protagonist, seen in a leopard jacket and a high ponytail, opens her wallet as if she's about to give the money, but is slightly reluctant to do so because she "barely scratched the car." The victim of the fender bender asks for her insurance instead yet the ponytailed girl refuses and gets in her vehicle, saying she will just call the cops. But instead, she proceeds to reverse out of the drive-thru to leave the scene.

The drive-thru dilemma has TikTok in a big debate

It's clear from watching the video that the woman who hit the car is speaking slowly and somewhat slurred, leading many TikTok followers to believe she's intoxicated in some way. One person commented, "She's so drunk she's talking in slow motion," to which another user replied, "[It's] called Xanax, babe."

Others took issue with how the ordeal was handled. As one follower said, "I'm on cheetah print's side though, lol I hate some 'I'm calling the police because you barely bumped my car' Karens." Another seemingly agreed, "If there's no damage, then leave it be." Yet other TikTokers took the other side, saying, "She's literally drunk, doesn't matter if their car doesn't have any damages. She's still at risk of hurting herself or potentially others." Another person chimed in, "The number of people calling them Karens, this girl is clearly intoxicated and should not be driving a car. She is going to kill someone."

But, the story doesn't end there. In a follow-up TikTok post, the girl whose car was hit reveals that she did in fact file a police report (she was able to ID the other woman since the original video clearly shows the front license plate). She also mentions that she did not go through insurance because the car was barely scratched and she would have simply laughed it off if the woman wasn't under the influence. Though TikTok might not fully agree, that sounds pretty responsible and is just another warning to be careful in those late-night drive-thrus.