The Real Reason A California Restaurant Took Down Its 'Harsh' Job Ad

We can all understand employers wanting to weed out applicants before the interview stage. This saves the employer from having to interview people who might not fit the qualifications, and saves applicants from being strung along when they may not have a chance at getting the job to begin with.

However, we can probably also agree that job listings should be crafted tactfully. Oh, and realistically — but more on that later. The tone of a job ad not only affects who applies, but also reflects on the company as a whole. If your listing calls potential applicants "incompetent kids and easy cash cows," you probably aren't going to have people clamoring for the job.

In fact, Soft Garden's checklist for creating the worst job ad ever pretty much covers it. A bad listing will read like a 1990s script, throw in some "casual" discrimination, use a lot of jargon, have spelling mistakes, and in general just be cringey. One café in California seemed determined to hit every point on that list.

You can't have a life outside of work

According to the California cafe's job ad, the employer was looking for someone who "is actually available, has an open schedule, doesn't cry, is never late, has no excuses, works hard, has no bullsh*t, smiles no matter what" (via Twitter). Seriously, does anyone fit that description?

Needless to say, people were outraged, leading the café to take down the ad a day later, according to Insider. The café apologized, claiming that the ad — which they say was written by their HR rep — hadn't gone through the usual approval process before being posted. Whatever the case may be, you'd expect an HR rep to be pretty good with writing job descriptions.

When the post reached Reddit, people had a lot to say. One person commented, "Caring is a six-figure word." Another joked, "Looking to be exploited? We're looking for you!" But one Redditor knew exactly who the café was looking for: "Hire a robot."