Reddit's Got Jokes About This Costco Shopper's Pot Pie Mixup

In the world of Costco, buyers are usually satisfied with their purchase, sometimes because they have gotten free samples of it and many other Costco-sold items first. And as recently as August, many have been talking about their new and healthier chicken pot pie recipe revised from a popular old dish they sold.

But a fan who recently bought the chicken pot pie had an interesting revelation when they looked at the label. Gmania27 added a Reddit product post with a picture of what looks to be an unheated chicken pot pie, but which was labeled chicken street tacos, noting "Oops. I (and everyone else, for that matter) should've checked the chicken pot pie label to ensure that I was in fact buying a pot pie....." And while the mistake is a bit odd, it has certainly sustained some laughter amongst the Reddit community, and some pretty funny jokes too. 

Taco or no?

The mistakenly-labeled chicken pot pie, marked as chicken street tacos, despite one not looking at all like the other, was certainly a snafu, but it was not the only one Costco has made with labeling. In 2014, the South Dade Newsleader reported on Costco's apology for mislabeling shrimp as a "product of U.S.A." on the outside, yet on the inside label, it was marked as a "product of Vietnam" and "farm raised," which the buyers could not eat due to health reasons. 

But Redditors found the mistake faced by the pot pie customer more funny than potentially fatal. One user commented "Everything's a taco of [sic] you're brave enough" and another wrote "The only rule about what goes in a taco is that there are no rules about what goes in a taco," and if one were to think about it, the user might actually have a point. At the end of the day, at least his order was actually what he wanted!