Aldi Shoppers Are Divided On These Flocked Holiday Trees

Though Aldi might be most known for its spectacular grocery selection, it also carries an assortment of non-food goods. These range from office supplies to kettle chip-scented candles. They are also experts at putting out unique seasonal products, and they have all the goodies for your next holiday party.

However, one newly discovered item appears to be getting somewhat mixed publicity. In fact, the flocked holiday trees have created a startling division amongst Aldi shoppers.

Recently, the Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds posted a picture of the new decoration, which only costs $39.99 per piece. According to Aldi Reviewer, customers can choose to purchase a 2-Pack of 3′ and 4′ Trees, or a 5′ Tree, all of which include LED lights. This is considerably cheaper than rival vendors, and it certainly sounds like it would be a great deal ... however, consumers are now saying that what the tree lacks in price might be made up for in poor quality.

The division in the comments section

The comments section of the aforementioned Instagram post is truly divided over whether or not this cheap Christmas decoration is worth it. Some users say that they have loved (and kept) their flocked trees from previous years. User k.bakhit5, for instance, wrote that, "These are great! I bought two last year. They look great at my front door."

However, some buyers had the complete opposite perspective, and discouraged new customers from buying the product in the comments. One non-fan, @thesavvysouth, said in the comments that, "I bought a tree similar to this last year from aldi and returned. Ive found the quality of their mini trees are not good." Additionally, one user, ​​@jlwoods_worthy, made the pun, "These look really flocking messy!"

So, is this Aldi find actually worth it? The truth is that if you want a high-quality, durable flocked holiday tree that you can reuse every year, perhaps not. However, if you're not looking to splurge on a nice, fresh pine tree this Christmas, and just looking for a one-off, this plastic one might be a good alternative.