Maya Rudolph And Andy Samberg Reveal Their Favorite Things About The Judges Of Baking It - Exclusive

In the latest addition to Peacock's holiday lineup, "Baking It," Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg host eight teams of two bakers to compete by making some of their favorite holiday treats. But what might be the most unexpected and best parts of the show is that the panel of judges is actually made up of grandmothers with their own grandkids and culinary backgrounds. And as funny as the commentary — and even the occasional song — is from Rudolph and Samberg, the four judgmental grannies are simply the cherry on top of this hysterical holiday baking competition. 

That's why Mashed wanted to know what Rudolph and Samberg had to say about the "judgy grandmas." When asked what their favorite thing about the grannies was, Rudolph began by saying, "I have so much favorite stuff," to which Samberg agreed adding, "yeah. Lot to choose from." 

But what really stood out for the co-hosts was how much fun the judges had both on- and off-camera.

Maya Rudolph on the grannies' post-show rituals

As Rudolph reflected and though back on the judges, she couldn't help but appreciate the humor and hilarity of the show's grandmas. "My gosh. I mean what a gift we got in those judges. I miss them, deeply miss them," she said. "I miss them, but not deeply," Samberg joked. There are so many funny comments and moments throughout each episode of "Baking It," but it is so easy to see how quickly the group of judges bonded and enjoyed talking while the frantic contestants worked at their station.

What viewers cannot see, though, is just how much fun they had when the shooting was done each day. "I mean, those guys, they would go back to their hotel, just the four of them. They didn't, like the party didn't stop after the camera stopped rolling," Rudolph said. "They were really excited to try a lot of the local restaurants cause none of them were from here and talk about cocktails that they enjoyed. They were living it up," she added. It's no wonder they continued to have a great time off-set, too.

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