The Best College Bars In Every State

First, let's make one thing clear: The best college bar in every state is not necessarily the same as the best bar in every state. For the most part, restaurateurs and gourmets would probably choose other locales to top their own lists. (Although, some of these spots do have seriously good munchies.) But that's fine, because these bars aren't for them!

These bars are for the students who are newly legal drinkers, seeking to let loose after a major exam, or just get a taste of the fabled classic college experience. For some, it's about where to get rowdy while watching the home team take on a longtime rival. For others, it's about who has the cheapest (or biggest) drinks. Some of these spots are almost as old as the universities themselves. No matter what makes these college bars popular or even beloved, they all give visitors a glimpse into local campus life.

Alabama: The Houndstooth Sports Bar - Tuscaloosa

The University of Alabama's football team, the Crimson Tide, have been the pinnacle of college sports for years. Legendary Coach Nick Saban has built a dynasty here, and even people with zero connection to the school — or the state, for that matter — wake up every Saturday morning during football season excited for them to take the field. Football isn't just a game here, but a way of life. It's the perfect environment for students to learn what school spirit really means, which is why they love to congregate at Tuscaloosa's Houndstooth Sports Bar

Grabbing drinks here while covered head to toe in Crimson Tide swag is a local tradition on game day. The Houndstooth even describes itself as "Alabama's Favorite College Bar." However, it would be a mistake not to mention another local favorite, Gallettes, known for their Yellow Hammer cocktail. They keep the recipe close to the vest, but Bleacher Report can say that it is "rum-based and loaded with citrus."

Alaska: HooDoo Brewing Co. - Fairbanks

For years, The Marlin bar and music venue in Fairbanks topped many college bar lists. Unfortunately, it ended up being one of the many nightlife businesses that didn't survive the economic fallout of COVID-19. In the absence of this longtime frontrunner, a search for the next go-to watering hole for college students ensued. A little more than two miles from the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus is HooDoo Brewing Co., which offers a rotating menu of craft beers and ales, featuring local beer freshly brewed on premises. Drink up inside the taproom or in their outdoor biergarten. 

While HooDoo Brewing Co. does not cook their own food onsite, they welcome you to bring your own or to patronize the local food trucks that frequently stop by. Love a particular brew? Take it home in a 5-pound keg or a large growler. For fresh 21-and-ups, this is a fantastic spot for some beer 101.

Arizona: Dirtbag's - Tucson

There is no shortage of party schools in Arizona. Two of the southwestern state's most notable college towns are Tempe (Arizona State University) and Tucson (University of Arizona). While Mill Street in Tempe is an infamous row of college nightlife for ASU students, and Frog & Firkin is probably the best all-around bar experience on University of Arizona's University Boulevard, Dirtbag's in Tucson is almost exclusively a home for UA students and alum. 

Dirtbag's takes their role in the college community to heart, boasting a slogan that claims they are "a part of growing up." Pre-gaming for UA sporting events here has been a tradition for more than 30 years. Autographed university memorabilia and a family atmosphere welcome current students and alums with open arms. Food Network even recognizes this Tucson college bar for its creative flavor shots (e.g. cherry cheesecake and oatmeal cookie) and fried munchies with homemade ranch dressing.

Arkansas: Sideways - Fayetteville

Any Fayetteville local or University of Arkansas attendee will point anyone in search of a good time toward Dickson Street. This row of bars, restaurants, and music venues is on the doorstep of the home of the Razorbacks. There are plenty of things to do on Dickson; simply walking down the street is entertaining in and of itself. Pick a bar, any bar, and you'll be sure to run into current students and alums. 

One bar that tops several "best college bar" lists is Sideways. The laidback bar is home to plenty of pool tables and an extensive beer tap selection. For those more interested in cocktails and a slightly more upscale take on a classic dive bar, turn the corner and head on over to Maxine's Tap Room, a bar that was named one of the best bars in America by Esquire in 2019. (Locals love Maxine's flavored popcorn!)

California: 901 Bar and Grill - Los Angeles

On Google Maps, the 901 Bar and Grill pin description reads, "Watering hole hopping with USC students." While Mt. Saint Mary's University and Los Angeles Trade Technical College are also nearby, the Nine-O (as it's affectionately called) is without a doubt a University of Southern California hotspot. Less than a mile from LA Memorial Coliseum, 901 Bar is a straight shot down Figueroa Street, perfect for Trojans fans who want to party directly before or after the game. Munch on game day fare like pizza, nachos, sub sandwiches, and fried appetizers, and wash it all down with the brilliantly blue AMF cocktail

This sports bar has been a campus mainstay since 1947 and continues to be a bumpin' spot, especially since singer Justin Bieber showed up and surprised some random USC students with a round of shots back in 2015. The Nine-O is literally and figuratively on the map in more ways than one!

Colorado: The Sink - Boulder

Boulder's downtown is famous for Pearl Street, a road littered with restaurants, cafes, bars, art galleries, bookstores and other shops. But while University of Colorado Boulder students can make a great bar crawl out of this bustling strip, it's much more convenient for Buffaloes to cross the campus's Norlin Quadrangle to grab a drink and a bite at The Sink

The bar and restaurant has been a meeting place for students, alums, and even celebs since 1923. President Obama, Guy Fieri, and Anthony Bourdain have all patronized the establishment to take in the colorful art murals on the walls and the decades' worth of signatures scrawled by locals on the ceiling. These creative and historic surroundings foster just the right atmosphere to scarf down their Food Network famous Ugly Crust Pizza and signature Sink Burger; the self-proclaimed "best burger in Boulder."

Connecticut: BAR - New Haven

A block away from Yale's Old Campus Courtyard and New Haven Green is a classy yet cozy college hangout simply called BAR. Wood, brick, and tile create a warm color palette of tans and browns, almost as if to recreate the feeling of being inside the prestigious university's hallowed halls. At the same time, cracked concrete walls lend a younger, edgier vibe. 

Walk in and see large vats of beer and several rooms to choose from. Grab a pint of fresh micro brewed beer and some creative thin crust pizza (mashed potatoes and eggs on top, anyone?) when you sit down in their Brü Room. Chalk your cue in the front room at the antique pool table, and bring a bunch of your dorm mates with you to whet their thirst at the long beer garden style tables. The sofa-lined, small lounge area is great for more intimate gatherings. When the lights go down, the Bartropolis Dance Floor in the backroom is where stressed out Yalies can let loose.

Delaware: Klondike Kate's Restaurant & Saloon - Newark

In 1979, part of the old Wilmington Railroad Station was transformed into a bar and eatery that has since captured the hearts of locals — especially University of Delaware students, staff, and alums. It's called Klondike Kate's Restaurant & Saloon, and it boasts unwavering support for UDel all year round. University memorabilia and placards showcase love and admiration for the school and some of its most famous alums, like NFL quarterback Joe Flacco, who wore #5 for the Blue Hens. In fact, the saloon's school spirit is so strong that it officially partnered with University of Delaware Athletics and iHeartMedia to host Blue Hens sports radio shows during the football and basketball seasons. Kate's even has a gift shop that sells collegiate style, Delaware-themed merch. 

The venue offers live music almost daily, and students definitely come here to party. According to Spoon University, this is where every undergrad should celebrate their 21st birthday. Be sure to soak up the alcohol with their buzzworthy late night nachos!

Florida: Bullwinkle's Saloon - Tallahassee

The facade of Bullwinkle's Saloon, nicknamed "Bull's" by Florida State University students, really does look like an old-time watering hole from the Wild West. And with the bar's insane daily specials, it almost feels like a lawless frontier! Depending on the night, one can grab craft beers for $3 and shots for as low as $2. Some nights demand a small cover entry fee (discounted on Thursdays for College Night with a student ID), but the upfront cost is worth it for free well drinks and drafts. FSU students and locals who frequent the bar may also consider signing up for the Moose Club membership card, which gives them exclusive free drinks and other perks for a low cost monthly fee. 

Bull's has multiple floors, including a tiki bar on the upper deck — a break in the theme, but who doesn't love tiki? Lastly, it's not Sunday Funday on campus without playing beer pong, Nintendo Switch games, and giant Jenga at this joint!

Georgia: Walker's Coffee & Pub - Athens

There is certainly no shortage of bars for University of Georgia students to enjoy in Athens. While everyone has their own favorite, the combination of coffee and alcohol available at Walker's Coffee & Pub is hard to beat. The r/UGA subreddit loves it, too. 

During the day, it's a relaxed cafe where students can catch up on homework or have a breakfast sandwich with a friend. At night, the focus is on the booze, and you'll be able to taste some crafty spiked coffee and hot chocolate drinks you won't find anywhere else. 

Whether you're just waking up or looking for a spot to wrap up your late night UGA bar crawl, Walker's has something for everyone. Settle in at a cozy booth inside, take in some sun in the outdoor seating area, or get your drink on down in the basement.

Hawaii: Anna O'Briens - Honolulu

Honolulu's Chinatown may be where the area's best bars are, but remember: This is a list about college favorites. Sure, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa students can grab a 10-minute rideshare from campus to Chinatown, but it's much cheaper for them to make their way around the corner to Anna O'Brien's, the go-to pub for Rainbow Warriors. 

Being an Irish pub, it doesn't scream local, authentic Hawaiin culture, but there's no arguing its college connection. A chill bar atmosphere with darts and pool tables is what patrons will find on the first floor. Upstairs is the club venue that hosts live music shows of all genres, from reggae to blues to punk. Every Wednesday, Anna's hosts Comedy University nights for featured comedians as well as general open mic standups. About a half mile from campus, this bar has also seen University-specific events, like the Department of Biology's Nerd Night Honolulu.

Idaho: Spacebar Arcade - Boise

Pengilly's, 10th Street Station, and Humpin Hannah's are the more run-of-the-mill local college bars in Boise, and that's not a bad thing. But in reality, not every college student likes grinding up against sweaty strangers or taking up residence at the same old pub. For those seeking a more extraordinary drinking experience, Spacebar Arcade is the way to go. Beaming with neon lights, this unique bar and arcade combo introduces your inner child to the boozy world of adulthood. Travel back in time with retro games like pinball and old school systems like N64 and GameCube.

Sick of staring at screens all night? Spacebar also has good old-fashioned board games on hand, and even a claw machine to play for prizes. Boise State University students and other locals can enjoy 12 rotating beer taps, wines, canned cocktails, and hard seltzers while they take in some tunes from live DJ sets or test their knowledge on trivia nights. Conclusion: Spacebar Arcade is both down to earth and out of this world.

Illinois: Joe's Brewery - Champaign

Joe's Brewery is the campus staple for undergrads at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Inexpensive, fun, and big, everything about it embodies the stereotypical college bar experience. Head over to the sports bar's official website and the homepage will greet you with a wall of photos and videos showcasing high energy Fighting Illini bursting with school spirit. 

Joe's has been slinging classic pub fare like burgers and crispy fries since 1991, and no UIUC college career today is complete without many hours spent at this game day hub. The sprawling establishment is so huge it is like a campus unto itself. It has an upper deck, a separate bar for dancing, and an outdoor beer garden in addition to their main room. If the proximity to campus, big venue, and even bigger enthusiasm still isn't enough of a draw, this sports bar loves its specials: half-priced burgers and $2 drafts.

Indiana: Nick's English Hut - Bloomington

The top of the menu at this iconic college bar reads, "Welcome to Nick's English Hut, a Bloomington and Indiana University tradition since 1927." The Athletic describes the pub by stating, "More than any other establishment in town, it connects every class of students to the next and the next, and it helps tie together generations." Clearly, there is something very special about Nick's. Maybe it's the quaint, cottage-like exterior with the Indiana University logo above the entryway. Maybe it's the cozy, rustic, wood-paneled walls. Likely, the bar's infamous Sink the Biz beer drinking game played a part in building up its reputation, too. 

However it happened, the people behind this establishment have spent decades fostering an unbreakable bond with the local students, faculty, and alums. Some campus bars are just places where everyone likes to get wasted. Others, like Nick's, are more like passed down heirlooms that feel like home.

Iowa: The Airliner Bar - Iowa City

A columnist for The Tab was not happy when Cosmopolitan chose Iowa City's Deadwood Tavern as the state's best college bar, which prompted the writer to list her own top picks. The Union Bar was a top contender, but unfortunately it recently closed its doors. Brother's Bar & Grill is another student favorite, but in the grand scheme of things, it is a chain with locations all across the Midwest. So in searching for a local University of Iowa bar that is authentic and full of Hawkeye tradition, the ultimate winner here is The Airliner Bar — the oldest bar in the city. 

The Airliner has been serving customers since 1944, and is both an Iowa City relic and a University of Iowa mainstay. The bar and restaurant — which mainly serves pizza, fried appetizers, burgers, and sandwiches — offers different budget-friendly specials every day of the year. The combination of local history, great food, and a friendly place to watch the games, makes The Airliner Bar a cherished college tradition.

Kansas: The Wagon Wheel - Lawrence

The Wagon Wheel, or just "The Wheel," is a point of pride for students and alums of the University of Kansas. The University Daily Kansan even calls it a "Lawrence institution." The exterior of the building is dressed in the Kansas Jayhawks colors of crimson and blue, signaling to all passersby that this place is the real deal. With chandeliers made out of wagon wheels hanging from the ceiling and decades worth of writing scrawled onto the walls and booths, The Wheel is part dive bar, part sports bar, and all tradition. 

The Lawrence establishment is also famous for its Wang Burger, a bacon cheeseburger with fried egg on top that even makes ESPN sportscasters' mouths water. All newcomers should be aware, though, that the corner booth is reserved for respected alums, and being able to sit there one day is an honor that every Jayhawk should strive to attain!

Kentucky: The Granville Pub - Louisville

Down the street from the University of Louisville is The Granville Pub, a college bar that is loved for a lot of things, but especially their eponymous burger, which is thought to be one of the best in the city. The red brick establishment may look small, but it opens up to a spacious outdoor beer garden that is perfect for watching live music and playing cornhole. Go to Granville to watch Louisville Cardinals games on the TVs, test your knowledge during Tuesday trivia, or beat your friends at a game of pool or darts. Every day there is a different set of drink specials, which can drop prices for certain drinks all the way down to just $2. 

Ever since it first opened in 1939, The Granville Pub has been a go-to spot for U of L students and alums for generations. With how happy they make their clientele, there are likely many more generations of fun ahead!

Louisiana: Fred's in Tigerland - Baton Rouge

Louisiana State University is one of the nation's biggest sports schools. The Tigers often see their players drafted to the pros, including 2019 Heisman trophy winner turned NFL quarterback Joe Burrow. One of the best basketball players of all time, Shaquille O'Neal, also attended LSU, and he recently made a reappearance at his alma mater's legendary bar, Fred's in Tigerland, as a DJ. (Yes, apparently Shaq is DJ Diesel now.) 

Fred's is where virtually everyone on campus goes to get rowdy and cheer on game day. Since 1982, the sports bar has been throwing crawfish boils, Mardi Gras bashes, and other big tent parties (emphasis on big) that have helped shape the identity of Baton Rouge. With three bars inside, one bar outside, a patio that overlooks the LSU golf course, and Tiger Stadium just down the road, Fred's is the best place to proudly celebrate and support LSU sports.

Maine: Orono Brewing Company - Orono

Sadly, the University of Maine has seen some of their most beloved drinking establishments shutter their doors in recent years. The Bear Brew Pub and The Roost, two of the most popular local college bars, both closed down. Fortunately, Abe Furth, Heather Furth, and Mark Horton, who all co-own the local Woodman's Bar & Grill, opened a super funky spot called Orono Brewing Company. OBC also has a location in Bangor, but its first and flagship location is in Orono, a mile and a half from the University of Maine campus. 

The taproom and kitchen on Margin Street is actually a transformed concrete manufacturing facility. Its graffiti-style art murals, brightly colored stools, tables, and staircase, and overall industrial look create an exciting, hip atmosphere for UMaine students to grab some locally made brews. OBC offers 24 draft beer lines, a large beer garden, and a functioning production brewery. Their full kitchen also serves up bangin' bar food like fried appetizers, burgers, and tacos.

Maryland: Cornerstone Grill & Loft - College Park

What began as the Rendezvous Inn in 1962 morphed into the Cornerstone Grill & Loft sports bar in 1997. While the name may have changed and more than two dozen TVs have been added, the bar continues to hold a special place in the hearts of University of Maryland students, staff, and alums. 

The first floor boasts 15 TVs and a large projector screen for students and locals to watch their favorite teams. The ground level also has 16 beers on tap and more than 40 craft beers — the largest selection in College Park. Venture out onto the deck and patio for lunch; yes, crab dip is on the menu. Head upstairs to the so-called Loft for more sports bar fun. The second floor houses 13 TVs, 12 taps, pool tables, and more. 

There's no shortage of food, drink, and entertainment for UMD Terrapins. It's clear that the owners definitely got the name right the second time around, as this bar is literally the cornerstone of campus fun.

Massachusetts: Charlie's Kitchen - Cambridge

One of the original 13 colonies, Massachusetts is a state with an incredibly rich history that includes the founding of the country's first university: Harvard. Located in Cambridge, Harvard remains one of the top universities in the world to this day, and as such, is home to Massachusetts's best college bars. Charlie's Kitchen is one of those bars. 

The front windows aren't for looking through, but for displaying glowing neon signs advertising beer and their famous double burgers. The inside is designed to replicate the look and feel of a 1950s diner, complete with black and white checkered backsplash, red countertops, and domed, stained glass chandeliers. Charlie's also has an upstairs, where they often have bands playing live shows. Their outdoor beer garden is a huge hit, especially since it features tables with built-in fire pits so students and locals can withstand the colder months while they chow down and sling back beers.

Michigan: Good Time Charley's - Ann Arbor

Good Time Charley's has been showing University of Michigan students a grand old time since 1979. The Michigan Daily not only calls it the best college bar, but the best bar in Ann Arbor. This place is so beloved by Michigan Wolverines and other Ann Arbor locals that when it was devastated by fire in 2020, the community came to its rescue by flooding them with much-needed funds

Patrons love Charley's Mug Club Monday's beer specials and Wednesday trivia nights. But more than anything on the menu, it's the big fishbowls full of alcohol that keep people coming back. On Tuesdays, giant pickle jar sized containers of Long Island Iced Teas are just $10. When the weather is pleasant (well, relatively speaking, since it is Michigan), sit out on the patio with your cocktail and a basket of Pepperoni Styx, hand-twisted breadsticks stuffed with mozzarella and pepperoni, topped with garlic and Parmesan.

Minnesota: Stub & Herbs - Minneapolis

The lifeblood of University of Minnesota nightlife is in the Dinkytown area of Minneapolis. Here, you'll find theaters, art murals, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, and more. It's also the best place for a campus bar crawl. There are plenty of bars swarming with college students to choose from, so it's hard to go wrong if you're seeking that classic college nightlife experience. 

The most traditional is Stub & Herbs, a campus pub that has been a meeting place for students and alums since 1939. Stub & Herbs is proud to be such a landmark institution, boasting the slogan, "Your grandpa drank here!" But students don't just go there because it's the OG campus bar, they also go for the Kill the Keg special on Thursday nights. For a flat cover charge of $7, drink as much as you want until the beer kegs are good and empty! Virtually every other night of the week, there are other drink specials too, with beer as low as $2 and shots as low as $3.

Mississippi: Funky's Pizza & Daiquiri Bar - Oxford

They certainly got the name right for this University of Mississippi college bar! The metallic, industrial siding around the bar and the convenient store style, alcoholic slushy machines give this Oxford bar a fun, eclectic vibe that's hard to beat. 

Funky's signature New Orleans style daiquiris come in many flavors (and colors!) which are always on rotation. Some of the drinks are given names of celebrities, like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. But the pop music industry isn't just there in spirit. Katy Perry once tore the roof off the place when Ole Miss beat Alabama in a big football game in 2014. 

Of course, the bar also has beer, wine, and other liquors on hand, just in case you aren't in the mood for a fruity frozen cocktail. And what goes better with booze than pizza? Funky's serves up some killer thin crust pies with so many topping options, it'll make your head spin.

Missouri: Harpo's Bar & Grill - Columbia

Harpo's claims to be Missouri's favorite sports bar, and with six bars, a rooftop terrace, and an underground nightclub, it's hard to argue with them. University of Missouri students love hanging here on game days in front of legions of TVs, because according to Harpo's, "Nothing brings the people of Columbia together quite like Mizzou and sports." 

The front bar is the main pub area, but other rooms are available for private parties. Take your pick of the Atrium Bar, Ice Bar, Skyy Bar, or the VIP room in the 10 Below nightclub. Bring a group of friends to gnosh on some game day munchies, burgers, and wraps. Bust a move to the beat of a live DJ set. Whatever kind of outing you're in the mood for, Harpo's has something for you. Founder Dennis Harper was a Mizzou graduate, as are current owners Chuck and Anna Naylor, so they love taking care of the university's students and showing them a great time.

Montana: Bar IX - Bozeman

Near Montana State University is Bar IX (Bar Nine), a venue that has been throwing "the biggest parties in Montana" since 2010. For Montana Bobcats and other local Bozeman folk, Bar IX is a must-visit during any downtown drinking adventure. This bar is at the center of undergrad nightlife, and it likely has something to do with their Thursday Bucket Night special. For $12, patrons get a whole bucket's worth of their favorite mixed drink. Six shots and the mixer of their choice is plenty to keep a broke, fun-loving college student happy! 

The exposed brick and wooden interior creates a warm, down-home vibe, while the giant stuffed buffalo head reminds you that you're definitely in Montana. Watch the game, dance under strobing, colorful lights, or even take salsa classes on Mondays. Other weekly events include trivia and karaoke. The only drawback is that it's not vegetarian friendly. Bar IX's limited menu is meat-heavy, presenting soul food favorites like chicken fried steak and mac and cheese with brisket and pork belly.

Nebraska: Duffy's Tavern - Lincoln

Every University of Nebraska-Lincoln student knows Duffy's Tavern, Home of the Fishbowl (and yes, that phrase is trademarked). Any cocktail on their extensive menu is available in giant fishbowl form, including mai tais, Kamikazes, and Kentucky mules. Lincoln's favorite college bar also hosts live music performances on Wednesdays and Sundays, and since opening in 1936, has featured famous artists such as Nirvana, The Flaming Lips, and Bright Eyes. 

Huskers can also come here for different specials every night of the week that offer incredible deals, like shots and beers as low as $2. Thursday night is College Night, when their Blue Bomb Pop fishbowl (UV Blue vodka, lemonade, grenadine) is $10 instead of its normal $17. On College Night, select micro brews are $3 and wells are $2. For a change of pace, head outside to their beer garden, which has fire pits that will help you enjoy the fresh nighttime air even when there's a chill.

Nevada: Pub N' Sub - Reno

Pub N' Sub has been serving students from the University of Nevada, Reno, since 1974. They enjoy being "the neighborhood pub"; the place Wolf Pack fans reflexively turn to for beer, pizza, and sandwiches. On the corner of Ralston and W 10th, a mere half mile from campus, a large, forest green door with yellow signs will signal that you've reached the right place. Its bare bones design of wood, brick, and picnic tables (inside and outside), immediately conveys that the hype here isn't for the decor, but for the quality of the food, brews, and hangouts. 

Unlike other campus bars across the nation, the food menu here is extensive, featuring more than 30 types of sandwiches, as well as pizza, salads, and fried finger foods. Students who are hungry, thirsty, and in need of a place to cheer while watching their school games can always find a home at Pub.

New Hampshire: Libby's Bar & Grill - Durham

Libby's Bar & Grill is unquestionably the favorite local bar of University of New Hampshire students. The sports bar is decked out in UNH Wildcats memorabilia, as well as that of pro New England teams like Boston Bruins and New England Patriots. It has two levels: The ground floor for food and casual brews, and the basement for when it's time to turn up. 

Settle in at a table in the main room for the standard burger and fries, or go a little more gourmet with dishes like lobster Florentine, grilled New York sirloin, and shrimp scampi. (It's a New England restaurant, so there's plenty of delicious seafood!) Later at night, the downstairs comes to life as a nightclub with loud music and a light show. The basement nightclub can also be rented out for private frat parties, alumni gatherings, and other special events. If none of those activities appeal to you, try grabbing a drink and hunkering down for one of Libby's famous Bingo Nights.

New Jersey: Stuff Yer Face - New Brunswick

When in New Jersey, eat as the Italians do! The Garden State's sizable Italian-American population has made it famous for Italian food, like the massive Strombolis served up at Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick. Located right around the corner from the Rutgers University campus bookshop, this Italian joint has been giving in to gluttony since 1977. 

They serve burgers and sandwich melts, but the real attraction here is the Stromboli. Iron Chef Mario Batali worked here when he was a student at Rutgers, and he still fondly reminisces about the food. When he was a guest on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" he said, "The Strombolis come in two sizes: large and huge." Rutgers students can also slake their thirst with equally massive fishbowls filled with alcohol, described on the menu as "60 ounces of fun." People who don't care for mixed drinks can find a selection of beers on the drink menu as well.

New Mexico: Anodyne - Albuquerque

Some people like clubs, some people like pubs, but for others, it's all about dive bars. Anodyne in Albuquerque is the latter, and it's a spot frequented by University of New Mexico students and locals alike. It's not your stereotypical frat bar, but a dimly lit, slightly edgy pool hall. (Some Yelp reviewers are wont to call it "hipster.") 

Take some friends and have a few drinks while sitting on one of the many eclectic yet comfy-looking couches. Navigate your way through lots of potted plants and the occasional pup (it's dog friendly!), rack up the pool balls, and have a good time at this lowkey watering hole. 

If you prefer not to leave campus, you can always check out the Draft & Table university taproom in the Student Union Building, which offers 14 taps. It's not a bad option to have in the back pocket! (Pool pun most definitely intended.)

New York: Faegan's Cafe & Pub - Syracuse

New York City is a tempting place to pick a "best bar," but don't forget, this is a list about the best college bars. While there are thousands of amazing bars in Manhattan that scores of university students definitely frequent, the nature of New York City as a world hub doesn't lend itself to one particular college community. In fact, NYC has plenty of college-themed bars for schools from all across the country! So to encapsulate more of a traditional New York college experience, let's talk about Faegan's Cafe & Pub in Syracuse. 

Literally one block off campus, Faegan's is where Orange students can find great daily drink specials — and even a challenge! Tuesday nights are for World Beer Tours, where patrons can drink beers from around the world and, if they finish them all in the allotted time, get their name and year added to the World Beer Tour poster. They also have special deals for Syracuse seniors on Sundays.

North Carolina: Player's Retreat - Raleigh

To an out-of-towner, Player's Retreat may look like a run-of-the-mill local sports pub that's not much to write home about, but it's a big deal to North Carolina State University students and alums. Since 1951, it's been where Wolfpack fans go to pound beers and watch big games, like 2021's College World Series match against Vanderbilt. As the oldest standing bar in Raleigh, it is literally a local institution. But it's not just NC State students and locals that hold PR near and dear to their hearts. The sports bar has received many accolades over the years from publications such as Garden & Gun, Thrillist, Triangle Downtowner, and Wine Spectator. PR has earned nominations for "best burger," "best bourbon/whiskey selection," and general awards of excellence. 

Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right! Be sure to take advantage of 20% off wine bottles on Wednesdays and 30% off pitchers on Sundays.

North Dakota: Herd & Horns - Fargo

This one is a no-brainer. Herd & Horns Sports Bar & Grill has always been and will always be a North Dakota State University bar. Located across the street from the campus library, this sports bar is made with brick and reclaimed wood, and is entirely NDSU Bison-themed. More specifically, it's designed to replicate the experience of being on the actual university campus. The Bison Information Network, a student-run sportscast, even does their radio broadcast from inside the restaurant. 

While the 21 beer tap handles are only for 21-and-ups, the establishment is open to people of all ages, making it a wonderful way for students and their families to experience authentic school spirit. And one certainly doesn't have to be 21 years old to chow down on everything from soups, to tacos, to mac and cheese. Order a burger and let your taste buds find out why H&H won "Best Burger" at the 2015 Burger, Bourbon & Beer Festival.

Ohio: Out-R-Inn - Columbus

The Ohio State University students have spoken loud and clear: Out-R-Inn is the best bar on campus. According to the student paper The Lantern, the establishment has been serving thirsty college kids and alumni well since 1969. It is a historic institution whose past is clearly visible in the decades worth of scribbles on the walls. 

Being a Big 10 school, Ohio State Buckeyes football is like a religion in Columbus. Come to Out-R-Inn, where even the siding of the building bears the same bold Buckeye red, to rally behind your team with peers and beers. If there aren't any school games on, the TVs will likely be showing various Ohio pro sports games, such as Columbus Blue Jackets hockey or Cleveland Browns football. There is such an intense community bond at this college bar that people say it feels almost like family; a visit to Out-R-Inn is like returning home.

Oklahoma: Eskimo Joe's - Stillwater

Few college bars are as intertwined with their nearby universities as Eskimo Joe's is with Oklahoma State. The landmark bar is just two blocks away from the school's Boone Pickens Stadium, but it's not just the proximity to campus that makes it special. For one, their cheese fries are famous — they're so good that President George H.W. Bush mentioned them in his commencement speech at the university in 1990. (Tip: Add sweet peppered bacon on top to get the full flavor experience.) 

The bar was also featured on Food Network's show "Unwrapped," partly in recognition of their ice cold beer, and partly for the fact that Eskimo Joe t-shirts are so popular that sales from their clothes shop outpaced the bar's food sales in the 1990s. Joe's undeniable presence was impossible for the big wigs at Oklahoma State University to ignore, so they came together for an official — and very lucrative — merchandising partnership.

Oregon: Rennie's Landing - Eugene

Rennie's Landing has been serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks to Oregon Ducks for more than 40 years. Students at the University of Oregon in Eugene adore this down to earth bar where they can catch games on TV, drink pitchers of beer, and fill up on nachos, burgers, fish and chips and more. (Vegetarians rejoice: This bar has more than one type of meatless burger!) 

Their signature cocktail menu item is Rennie's Lemonade, a secret recipe for which the only two known ingredients are "love and vodka." The drink menu offers plenty of whimsy, with creative shots like the Gummy Bear (​​Raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, sour, Sierra Mist) and the Duck Fart (Crown Royal, Kahlua, Bailey's). Sit inside or outside, or play at the pool table with friends. At its heart, Rennie's is sweet and simple, made with lots and lots of wood, which gives it a homey vibe.

Pennsylvania: Smokey Joe's - Philadelphia

Smokey Joe's, affectionately called Smokes or the Pennstitution, has been a haven for University of Pennsylvania students since 1933. The historic tavern is a place where UPenn grads of all eras can gather comfortably. It's an old-fashioned, no-frills tavern, and that's just the way they like it. The value here is in tradition; a value that even President Gerald Ford recognized in his 1975 commencement speech. "[Penn consists] of 16 institutions of higher learning and personal enlightenment," he said, "17 if you include Smokey Joe's." 

The kitchen, called Enjay's, is a more recent addition to the pub; the result of a 2013 partnership between Smokey Joe's and the popular Philly food truck Pitruco Pizza. Order small plates like garlic knots and wings, meals like pizza and burgers, and even a vegetarian sandwich made with fried cauliflower, caper-raisin sauce, and pickled onions. Chase it all down with your choice of beer, wine, or cocktail, and sit back and enjoy being part of something bigger than yourself.

Rhode Island: Grad Center Bar - Providence

Brown University's Grad Center Bar is exactly what it sounds like: a bar almost exclusively for Brown grad students. It is a membership only bar, free to Brown grad students with proof of ID. Other would-be patrons must either pay a nightly cover charge of $5 or sign up for their own membership card for $35, but many find it worth it. 

Just a few paces off of the campus's Wriston Quadrangle, the basement bar is intimate and dimly lit. Monochromatic, comic book-like posters hang on its deep purple walls creating a chic yet lowkey vibe. The bar is fully stocked and offers liquor, wine, and an extensive beer selection, both bottled and on tap. And not only are the drinks good, but they're super affordable; most are well below $10, including $6 cocktails and $2 to $5 beers. Pool, darts, and board games are also available for play.

South Carolina: Tiger Town Tavern - Clemson

The Clemson Tigers football team is one of the highest ranked in the country. Needless to say, it's a big sports campus that is overflowing with energy. The best bar to soak it all in is Tiger Town Tavern, or Triple T's. Since 1977, TTT has been a campus treasure frequented by students past and present. On average weekdays, it's a chill place to order a $2 PBR tallboy, burgers, wings (16 types), sandwiches and appetizers. (For a bite that's different from what other sports bars have to offer, try their BBQ nachos!) 

On game day, be prepared for things to get wild. For a one-time fee of $10, patrons can have exclusive access to the second floor and free games of pool. When you leave, be sure to buy a TTT beer glass or growler, or a shirt showcasing the bar's beer-addled tiger mascot.

South Dakota: Carey's Bar - Vermillion

Carey's Bar has been an establishment on the doorstep of University of South Dakota since 1954, but for many years, the owners actually didn't want to be associated with the college crowd. (Why they chose this location if that was the case is a head-scratcher.) The founders, Russ and Joe Carey, were wary of rowdy college students who they feared would get into fights or not be able to pay their tabs. But that sentiment changed when the bar changed ownership in 1972. 

Since then, Carey's Bar has opened its proverbial arms and become a sanctuary for USD Coyotes in need of drinks and camaraderie. Even the bar's taxidermy deer head loves to wear USD gear. There are different drink specials Monday through Friday, including half-priced well drinks on Thursdays. Drink up indoors or wander out onto the patio for some fresh air. They're open until 2 a.m. every night, so don't go home early!

Tennessee: Winners & Losers - Nashville

In the American music capital of Nashville, it can be nice to have a dancing partner. Winners Bar & Grill and Losers Bar & Grill are side-by-side establishments that provide fun and whimsy to Vanderbilt students and local Tennesseans alike. Designed to look like the stereotypical country ranch, the bars are nearly identical. Giant whiskey barrels and distressed wood provide the ideal backdrop for live bands to play the Whiskey Jam, a free concert on Mondays and Thursdays at Winners. 

Wandering between the two bars can even be a good way to spot country music stars. According to Nashville Music Guide, "It's not unusual to see someone like chart-topper Chris Young show up and climb onstage at Losers." Both Winners and Losers share the same food menu, which is separated into music-themed sections like "opening acts" for starter plates and "headliners" for entrees. College students will love the Kickin' It Cooler, a boozy version of the fruit punch pouch drinks you had as a kid.

Texas: Dixie Chicken - College Station

Affectionately just referred to as Chicken, this College Station bar is the beating heart of Aggieland. Texas A&M students and alums share a passion for this place that is hard to find anywhere else, and the people who work there give it right back. The Texas bar's website proudly features stories written by patrons past, about special moments that took place there. 

This establishment has been creating memories and celebrating college traditions since 1974, the most notable of which is the Ring Dunk. As the story goes, two Aggies were passing their class rings around the table when one fell into a pitcher of beer. Since then, grads have been intentionally dropping their class rings in 32-oz mugs and downing the beer until they can catch the rings with their teeth. 

As the name of the bar suggests, there is also no shortage of chicken to be found here. Satisfy your hunger with chicken tacos, fried chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, and other cluck-tastic munchies.

Utah: The Green Pig Pub - Salt Lake City

University of Utah students and other Salt Lake City locals love to go downtown for drinks and grub at The Green Pig Pub. The sports fan can watch games on any of the bar's 14 flat screen TVs, while the music lover can swing by on Monday nights for the city's longest-running Open Blues Jam. Wednesdays and Sundays nights are for trivia, Thursdays are for karaoke, Fridays see sets by live bands, and Saturdays get loud with DJ Latu. 

The pub serves breakfast on weekends, so take advantage of those $3 Bloody Mary's and mimosas! Unlike other pubs, Green Pig has a robust vegan section of their menu, featuring vegan wings and meatless meat variations of bar classics like cheese steak and street tacos. Order food and local brews inside, or relax on the big patio that boasts a gorgeous view of downtown SLC with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Vermont: Manhattan Pizza Pub - Burlington

There are several college bars in Burlington that would make great picks, but those who are looking for a solid beer selection will find their home at Manhattan Pizza Pub. The pub boasts 20 beers on tap, including a variety of locally made brews. Pizza and beer is always a winning combination, and in their case it's literal, since they won the 2012-2013 Burlington Pizza Fest. 

The pub's location couldn't be better, as students from the University of Vermont, Champlain College, the Community College of Vermont can all make their way to this downtown favorite with ease. While they have a full bar, Burlington's Manhattan Pizza Pub is open to people of all ages, making it a great spot for college kids to bring their visiting families on weekends. Come watch sports on their giant TVs, sing karaoke, catch live music, or even participate in their open mic. There's something for everyone!

Virginia: Boylan Heights - Charlottesville

"The home of UVA sports," Boylan Heights is a multi-level campus burger bar that goes all out with their college theme. The bar menu's appetizers section features the After School Special: boneless chicken bites tossed in their secret house sauce. Of course, they are most proud of their burgers, which can be found in the Dean's List section of the menu. 

Boylan uses only organic, local beef that has been dry aged for up to 26 days for greater flavor. Each patty is ground fresh. Meat lovers can find varieties like the Varsity burger, made with chili, cheddar, onion rings, and jalapeno, while vegetarians can feel like part of the team when they order a Meating Cancelled plant-based burger. Even their Build-a-Bowl and Build-a-Burger sections come on Scantron-inspired sheets. 

Last but not least is their drink menu, which features beers on tap and in bottles, cocktails, and a long list of inventive shooters like the Astro Pop and the Woo Woo.

Washington: The Coug - Pullman

The Cougar Cottage, or just The Coug, is located right around the corner from Washington State University's Chinook Student Center. This Pullman bar looks quaint and reserved on the outside, but on the inside, it's a mess of scrawled signatures and sayings from students come and gone — all the way back to 1932! Every WSU Cougar anxiously awaits their chance to make their mark on the famous white brick wall. This rite of passage is a sacred tradition. The bar is nothing fancy, but it's a veritable institution at WSU, where students and alumni can come watch school games on TV, chow down on American pub fare, and clink their pints and pitchers. Looking for drink specials? The bar has Awesome Hour every night from 8 to 9 p.m. when all pints are $2. Drink your way into history at this cozy cottage bar in Pullman.

West Virginia: Mario's Fishbowl - Morganstown

It's hard not to walk into Mario's Fishbowl as a student attending West Virginia University. The famous college bar has three locations, creating an invisible triangle around the campus. Before it was a bar,it was a confectionery where local children could get tasty treats and ice cream. Parents could even buy a few groceries and then reward themselves for their hard work with a pint of draft beer. 

The eclectic shop served the beer in Weiss goblets back in the day, so when a new owner bought the place in 1963, they kept the goblets, called them fishbowls, and focused more on the beer and less on the ice cream. Of course, Mario's does serve pub food to go with their beer bowls. Enjoy Mario's nachos, Italian hoagies, soups, sloppy Joes and more with your ice cold drink. All draft beer is discounted on Monday nights after 6 p.m.

Wisconsin: Jordan's Big 10 Pub - Madison

Jordan's Big 10 Pub is just one block away from University of Wisconsin-Madison's Camp Randall Stadium. This Badgers bar is beloved for many reasons, one of the biggest being the famous Friday Fish Fry. Starting at 11 a.m. every Friday, the college bar and restaurant serves up freshly fried fish specials, including beer battered cod, shrimp po' boys, and lightly breaded bluegill. But Friday isn't Jordan's only special day; the pub offers so many specials every day of the week that it's dizzying! To name just a few, patrons can get $1 beef tacos on Monday nights, as well as $1 mystery shots on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Jordan's Big 10 Pub also offers free shuttle service for customers to and from the Kohl Center, where the Badgers basketball and hockey teams play. For all that they do, it's clear that the people behind Joe's Big 10 Pub care about the university and its fans, and they wear the Wisconsin red with pride.

Wyoming: Buckhorn Bar & Parlor - Laramie

The oldest standing bar in Laramie is the Buckhorn Bar & Parlor, which first opened its doors in 1900. It's not just seen as one of the best college bars in the area, but one of the best bars in Wyoming. Having been in operation for more than a century, the story of this rustic saloon is like the story of the Wild West itself. 

The bar has seen several gunfights (there are still bullet holes in the walls), one of which resulted in a case that made it all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court! In a stunning display of school spirit in 1999, students excited by the University of Wyoming upset win against football rival school Brigham Young University stormed the field, ripped down the goal post, and brought it to Buckhorn Bar. Part of the goal post is still there to this day. This Wyoming watering hole is brimming with wild stories that keep people of all walks of life coming back for more.