How Coca-Cola Saved This James Bond Stunt

Taking risks is an inevitable component of life, even if you try to avoid them in the same way you would a stampede of enraged gorillas. Even so, at some point in our lives, we've probably all daydreamed about performing a daredevil stunt.

Whereas for some this would likely involve spinning a fighter jet in circles while cascading through rings of fire, for others simply raising their voice in public is considered a reckless act of unparalleled danger (imagine the horror if you were in a library).

Therefore, it takes a massive amount of courage to commit to completing wild performances full-time, but that's exactly what is expected of professional stunt actors. It's unlikely that any stunt actor could top working on the incredible sets of James Bond, but what is truly amazing is how a stunning display in the epic "No Time To Die" movie would have flopped without Coca-Cola (via NME).

Thousands of gallons of Coca-Cola were used to make 'No Time To Die' a success

Despite having pulled off immense feats such as car flips and speedboat chases (via Cineworld), the James Bond production team was stumped when trying to create a motorcycle jump in "No Time To Die." They relied on Coca-Cola to save the day (a considerable promotion from its usual explosion pranks in school science labs).

In the movie, Bond is seen dramatically racing a motorcycle through cobbled streets, flying over a 25-foot ramp at 60 mph in the process. However, NME reports that the production was hampered by slippery roads — until 8,400 gallons of Coca-Cola were poured over them. Costing €60,000 (over $67,000), the cola coated the cobbles in stickiness once it dried, making the stunt safe enough to take place.

It's not surprising the stunt was a challenge. According to Variety, the film's stunt coordinator, Lee Morrison, described the cobbled road surface as "the worst I've ever shot on." Variety also notes how the stunt took three days to film, facing additional battles with wind and rain — making Coca-Cola an unlikely, but crucial, hero.