Reddit Is Impressed By This McDonald's Mansion In Ohio

From food courts to around the block, from downtown city centers to suburban crossroads, it seems that everywhere you look and everywhere you go, it's always there — golden arches glowing like a beacon for hungry Big Mac fanatics. With 18,332 McDonald's locations in North America as of February 2021, it's pretty hard to not run into one (via FinancesOnline). It seems that Ronald McDonald has a knack for finding all sorts of places to sell his burgers, even in the most unconventional of places.

In the mood to feel like you're really out of this world? You can enjoy your Quarter Pounder in a McDonald's-shaped like a UFO in alien-crazy Roswell, New Mexico (via Roadside America). If you're ever in New Zealand and missing the United States, you can feel like you're flying back home inside the McDonald's built into a decommissioned DC-3 plane (via Reader's Digest). In Barstow, California — not too faraway from McDonald's hometown of San Bernardino — you could metaphorically ride the rails by eating at the McDonald's in the Barstow Station, where you can dine in old McDonald's-themed passenger cars (via Weird California). 

But let's say you're not in the mood for planes, trains, and UFOs; Instead, you want to eat in like a king. In Independence, Ohio, where the splendid Colonial décor of marble pillars and bay windows meets cheap burgers and deep fryers, you may just be able to live out those gilded, greasy dreams.

This Ohio McDonald's looks like a McManor

Replacing the harsh fluorescent lights of the average McDonald's with impressive chandeliers, this Ohio Mickey Dee's seems to be a world of its own. Located at 6201 Brecksville Road, this impressive McDonald's boasts two stories of Colonial Americana architecture, including a self-playing piano to entertain customers. The reason for this unique appearance isn't so much about flaunting Ronald's vast fortune, but was built to satisfy the strict, high-class building codes of Independence, according to 19 News in Cleveland. Either way, Reddit users were impressed with this combination of high living and low-cost food.

"I've been here! The upstairs seating area was nice," said user kwazi07, claiming they found it out of the blue near their hotel. Another user proudly commented that they drive by it everyday. Someone else, however, wasn't as impressed with the architecture as their fellow commenters, noting that calling it a mansion was being quite generous and it resembles more of a "a credit union attached to a Presbyterian church."

Surprisingly, this isn't the first McDonald's mansion to pop up. In Freeport, Maine, you can dine inside of a McDonald's built into a pre-built 1800s mansion that combines modern-day service with classic coastal design (via Business Insider). In New Hyde, New York, the McDonald's Georgian-style Denton House boasts a stunning grand staircase (via ABC 7). With all these McMansions, one must wonder how long it will be until we see a tasteful Burger King summer villa.