Twitter Is Losing It Over Starbucks' Sugar Plum Cheese Danish

Starbucks first announced its Sugar Plum Cheese Danish in November of 2018 as part of their holiday food menu (via BRAND eating). This flaky, decadent pastry, per the Starbucks website, has a cream-cheese filling nestled into a "fluffy" danish, topped with a spiced sugar plum spread. 

The holiday item quickly proved to be a favorite among customers and became so popular that it flew off the coffee chain's shelves. Starbucks couldn't seem to keep this flaky danish in stock. It appears this trend occurred in 2019 as well when one pastry lover created a Reddit thread in hopes of finding the delicious treat. The user wrote, "The sugar plum cheese danish is sold out everywhere near me. My wife and kid love them. Is that the same everywhere?" 

This pastry has continued to make an annual appearance, and this year Twitter is raging over the Sugar Plum Cheese Danish, not only due to its happy return, but because, yet again, it's hard to find.

Starbucks customers can't get enough of the sugar plum cheese danish

If you're infatuated with the Sugar Plum Cheese Danish at Starbucks, you're in good company, particularly on Twitter. One user shared, "Starbucks brought back the sugar plum cheese danish and my heart is full." While a newbie to the pastry tweeted, "Okay but the sugar plum cheese danish @starbucks is so good. 10/10 would recommend." Another took to the platform and exclaimed, "Have you tried Starbucks sugar plum cream cheese danish? It's so good. It might be my new favorite 'holiday' winter flavor."

As the popular treat follows suit of years past and becomes hard to find, fans have taken to social media, begging Starbucks for answers as to when the danish will return. Some Twitter users are downright disgruntled, as one tweeted, "Starbucks needs to stop playing with me!!! Every time I go for the sugar plum cheese danish no matter what location, they're always out." Another echoed that sentiment, commenting, "The sugar plum cheese danish from Starbucks is literally perfection. Watch they be sold out the rest of the year." 

Starbucks — quit playing with our hearts! We're dreaming of sugar plums and craving that danish.