Reese's Fans Need To Know About This Brownie Brittle Collab

Reese's fans probably already know that there are dozens of different varieties of the classic chocolate-and-peanut-butter treat. In fact, there are over 60 different kinds of the candy, from white and dark chocolate versions to "cups" shaped like eggs, hearts, and even bunnies, according to Thrillist. While you might think all the attention would be on the Reese's Christmas Trees during this time of year, the innovative candy company Brownie Brittle is about to change all that. 

Brownie Brittle has been delivering bags of crispy, chocolate snacks that taste just like the edge of a batch of brownies fresh from the oven to its fans since 1992. Now, it has just announced that it will be collaborating with Reese's to create an even more decadent dessert experience (via Brownie Brittle). The company will soon be releasing new Brownie Brittle Reese's Pieces, which will combine all the best parts of both of these snacks into one treat that peanut butter and chocolate fans are sure to find almost irresistible.

The company will also be releasing a Brownie Brittle Health Toffee Crunch

These new Brownie Brittle Reese's Pieces will feature the same crispy brownie crunch of a classic piece of Brownie Brittle candy, but will be topped with a layer of sweet and salty Reese's Pieces candy for an even more flavorful snacking experience. That's not all the good news: Brownie Brittle will also be launching a new Brownie Brittle Health Toffee Crunch, which will come topped with pieces of crunchy, buttery bits of Heath Toffee candy, so fans can even mix and match with whatever candy collaboration they want. Both of these sweet new releases will be available in participating retail stores nationwide, as well as online at Amazon and, for a suggested retail price of $3.49-$3.99 for a 4-ounce bag.

"We are thrilled to partner with the team at Hershey's for these two latest creations. Reese's Pieces and Heath Toffee Crunch are both perfect additions to our line-up — what's not to love about topping our classic thin, crispy Brownie with the iconic Reese's Pieces candy and Heath Toffee bits? We know our fans are going to go wild over these delicious flavor collaborations!" Ashley Dawkins, vice president of marketing at Brownie Brittle, said of the newest releases (via PR Newswire).