TikTok Is Shocked To Learn How Domino's Makes Its Thin Crust Pizza

When we order take-out pizza from a chain restaurant, it's usually because we're too lazy to make it from scratch (or just know we don't have the skill set to make great pizza at home), or because we don't have a frozen pizza in the freezer already. But there is a mystery as to how our take-out pizzas get made, and a lot of people were shocked when they saw a since-deleted TikTok video that allegedly showed how Domino's prepares the crust for its thin crust pizzas.

In the video, a Domino's employee sprinkles a countertop with cornmeal, then places a round of raw pizza dough on top, as though she's about to stretch and roll it out. But then, she throws the dough off-screen, and reaches for a very thin round of dough with a plastic film on one side, with the caption on the video reading, "It's pre-packaged!!!!" Fans of the chain who commented on the video seemed shocked to see that this is how the thin crust is "prepared."

Domino's thin crusts are allegedly pre-packaged

While other pizzas on the Domino's menu refer to being hand-tossed (their classic crust) or hand-stretched (the Brooklyn Style), the thin crust simply says it is "thin enough for the optimum crispy to crunchy ratio," but there's no mention of how it's made (via Domino's). Still, some viewers of the TikTok were shocked that the dough wasn't hand-formed. "This feels illegal to know," said one, while another commenter chimed in, "so it's a tortilla?" followed by the crying-while-laughing emoji.

Those who have worked at Domino's or other pizza chains — several of whom commented on the TikTok — were less surprised. "The regular and stuffed crust is made in store and the thin crust is pre-packaged," said a former manager of Little Caesar's. "It's the same at Papa John's too," said another. But it's not necessarily a bad thing that the dough comes pre-made. "I feel better ordering this knowing it's easier," said one conscientious commenter, and the original video creator agreed. "Yesss, this and pans," they said (referring to pan pizzas), along with several relieved crying emojis. So, if you want to give your local Domino's workers a break during rush hour, try to keep your shock at bay and remember that the thin crust might actually be the kindest choice.