TikTok Is Checking On Guy Fieri After He Shared This McDonald's Casserole

It can be challenging to define what exactly a casserole is. As The Kitchn explains, they're typically meals that can be assembled in one dish and then baked until all the ingredients combine into one delicious, albeit not very attractive, final product. And while there are certainly light casseroles out there, many seem to skew in the direction of decadent, with the recipe instructing you to toss in plenty of cheese, cream, and other luxurious ingredients. A recent TikTok post shared by Guy Fieri, however, takes decadent casseroles to a new level. 

The celebrity chef posted a video clip from user @notjasonstiktok, who demonstrated a McDouble casserole recipe that he got from his grandpa, according to the caption. "Are y'all rockin with grandpa's famous McDouble casserole?" it reads. And no, the casserole doesn't involve taking the components of a McDouble — like ground beef, cheese, and pickles — to create a flavor combination that pays homage to the signature McDonald's menu item. Instead, it involves using actual McDoubles as a casserole layer. The sandwiches are then slathered with Big Mac sauce, topped with a layer of McDonald's french fries, and finished off with several slices of American cheese, just like the ones you'd find on your McDouble. The entire concoction is baked in a casserole dish at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the cheese on top is bubbling.

Fans were surprised that Fieri reposted the McDouble casserole

The comments section of the TikTok post soon filled up with plenty of comments from fans who seemed a bit surprised to see the over-the-top creation, even on the larger-than-life culinary personality's account. One fan asked "are you ok," while another joked, "They only do this on the north side of Flavortown," referencing one of Fieri's signature phrases. Another seemed curious about the sheer logistics of the creation, asking "how would one acquire that amount of Big Mac sauce." Several comments speculated about Fieri's TikTok account getting hacked, based on the outlandish recipe in the video he shared.

However, while many fans in the comments seemed skeptical, there were a few who might just be intrigued enough to sample the dish if they ever encounter it. As user @GandalfTheDiabetic wrote, "This is unhinged and I'm HERE FOR IT." For any McDouble lovers who want to recreate a burger-inspired casserole without actually purchasing so much McDonald's food, there are plenty of recipes out there that pay tribute to the chain's items. For example, Curbing Carbs has a Big Mac casserole recipe that uses ground beef, cheese, and homemade Big Mac sauce to create a memorable fast-food-turned-homemade dish.