Fans Are Swooning Over Marcus Samuelsson's Adorable Balancing Act

Marcus Samuelsson is known for his culinary skills. The Food Network star is a regular fixture on "Chopped" judging competitors' dishes. As shared on his website, the chef has written multiple cookbooks and is the proud owner of 12 restaurants, including Red Rooster Harlem and Ginny's Supper Club. But Ethiopian born Samuelsson (who was adopted and raised in Sweden) is also a dad.

Samuelsson has a son, Zion, and he and his wife Maya have another baby on the way. The chef took to Instagram to announce the news, writing, "We will be welcoming a baby girl in the new year and naming her Grace Ethiopia." He shared how important this name is to both him and his wife, writing, "Our fellow Ethiopians have experienced such a difficult year, so it means a lot to us to honor and celebrate our country of origin through the birth of our daughter. We are sending our joy and light to you and our community."

With a young child and another on the way, Samuelsson definitely has his hands full — but (to use a cliché) he's got this. The celeb chef took to social media to demonstrate how he balances all the aspects of his rich and full life, and his fans can't help but swoon over the photo of Samuelsson showing off his skills. 

Samuelsson knows how to multitask

Samuelsson knows how to balance life. The chef shared a photo of himself chopping broccoli with his son Zion is on his shoulders, vigilantly watching dad slice and chop. Samuelsson wrote on Instagram, "Debating teaching an advanced knife-skills course entitled 'How To Chop While Balancing a Child.'" The post has received over 10,000 likes and a lot of comments on Samuelsson's impressive parenting skills from both celebs and fans alike.

Chopped judge Nilou Motamed praised the photo, joking, "Looks like you've already got your first pupil!" while Gail Simmons commented, "I'm in!!" One fan enthusiastically noted the precision of this balancing act, typing, "Daddy skills on point." Another chimed in with, "Ahem," tagging MasterClass.

But others noted that this may not be something all parents will be equally adept at. One fan commented, "Risky, but his vantage point is amazing!" Another concurred, "Marcus can pull this off but...some folks can not." Truth. 

This is not the first time Samuelsson has revealed how he involves his family in the kitchen. In another Instagram post, the chef shared how he encourages Zion to play music when they cook, making memories together. Samuelsson definitely has the dad skills down.