Trader Joe's Fans Are Psyched For Its New Chocolate And Butter Croissants

Trader Joe's isn't just a grocery store. For some people, it's a way of life. Just ask Instagram account TraderJoesObsessed, which keeps the world updated on all of the latest and greatest Trader Joe's products available in stores. They just blew the lid open on a new addition to the TJ's bakery section, and fans sound hungry to give them a try.

The newest items to hit the Trader Joe's bakery shelves? Actually, there are two: butter croissants and chocolate croissants. The butter croissants are described on their packaging as an "all butter crescent shaped flaky layered pastry" prepared by hand in San Francisco, and the chocolate croissants are made from "traditional all butter croissant dough wrapped around two semisweet chocolate bars," also prepared by hand. They sound like a pretty authentic take on French pain au chocolat. Both varieties come with two per package and retail for $3.99. They sound delicious, but how do they actually taste?

Are Trader Joe's new croissants good?

Rest easy, Trader Joe's loyalists, because the reviews are in. The Instagram account that made the post included an update: "I just air fried the chocolate ones for 2 mins at 325 degrees and they were amazing!" and rated the croissants 10/10. Someone asked if the chocolate ones tasted anything like the frozen chocolate croissants Trader Joe's has sold in the past, to which the original poster replied "betterrr more buttery," which is a promisingly positive review.

"The chocolate croissants are chefs kiss," said one commenter, while another, who said "these are amazing," revealed that "the croissants were an SF exclusive for years." Others were happy to see the small package size. "Using a croissant instead of bread for a sandwich is my favorite thing, but the grocery store and Costco only sell them in packs of 1.2 million croissants per box," whereas Trader Joe's gives you two, just the right amount for a couple of sandwiches during the week. If you're a fan of croissants, it sounds like these are two new Trader Joe's items you'll want to add to your cart.