Ted Allen Just Revealed When Chopped Will Return To Food Network

"Chopped" host Ted Allen is proud of the show and thinks that it can be easily compared to a sport thanks to its intensity. "I think a good competitive show like ours makes more sense in prime-time than say a stand-and-stir show... It's just a much broader audience and people who don't ever cook can appreciate it," he told Eater in 2016. Allen himself is a passionate cook who doesn't like to rush things when he's in the kitchen and gets restless if he hasn't made a meal in a long time. "Ironically, when you consider where I work, I am very much a slow food person. I like to braise things and cook things that take forever... I want to savor the experience," he said.

If asked, Allen has a solid answer for the reason behind the show's success: The host believes that the fact that the contestants cannot really pick their ingredients is a huge deal. He thinks that this can be applied to real life as well and told Insider, "All of us who cook have had those nights when the kids are screaming for something, and you haven't had a chance to go to the market, and you open up the fridge, and you have to make do with what you have."

For those who've been waiting to watch "Chopped" once again, Allen has just released an update on Twitter.

The wait for 'Chopped' won't last much longer

Thankfully, Ted Allen has finally announced the release date for the next season of "Chopped" on Twitter. He wrote, "FYI, dear patient (and less-patient) friends, new ['Chopped'] shows are BACK on [Food Network] December 28th! And the very next night, catch me hosting a new special at 9pmET on [Cooking Channel], ['Where Chefs Eat'], with [Mike Solomonov] & the best grub in [Philadelphia]!" 

The host managed to please a lot of fans who replied with enthusiasm and expressed their thoughts on the update. One fan said, "Yeah! My Tuesday nights have been boring without Chopped." Another Twitter user heaved a sigh of relief and said that they were worried about Allen's association with the Food Network, writing, "Glad you and Food Network are okay, I got worried there for a minute." Another "Chopped" fan wrote that they've been "eagerly awaiting this moment" with their husband.

Allen had another interesting update to share with his fans and mentioned that he will be hosting a new show titled "Where Chefs Eat" on The Cooking Channel with Israeli chef Michael Solomonov. The show's first episode will be screened on December 29.