Sam's Club Fans Need To Know About These Massive Cookies

To most of us, Christmas Day is the centerpiece to a season of merriment and magic, filled with decorations, gifting, gratitude, and of course, cookies. Christmas cookies come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Every family has their own cherished traditional treats that serve as the foundation of a fabric of festive memories, handed down from generation to generation. To put it simply: Christmas just isn't Christmas without cookies.

There's literally, from our perspective, no such thing as a "bad cookie," but some admittedly rank above others. And while baking cookies is one of the requisite activities of the season, it's not always possible to bake up all of the treats needed to cover the ever-growing list of people you want to shower sweetness on. From the local bakery to your favorite grocery store, there's quite the range of choices when it comes to purchasing sweet holiday treats, whether you need a gift, snacks for Santa, party treats, or just need to get Santa's helper (ie: yourself) through that last-minute holiday crunch. This year, Member's Mark, Sam's Club's "exclusive, premium-quality private brand," has come up with just the cookie thing.

Some seriously big cookies

The "Oh My Dough" four-pack of "colossal cookies" packaged in the windowed gift box that Sam's Club is offering, fresh from their in-house bakeries, are all that and then some. Fans of the store may want to stock up. The larger-than-average (about four inches in diameter) soft sugar cookies have a crumbly, crisp edge and are topped with a teal almond buttercream frosting that screams "I'm delicious." Instagram user @ohheysamsclub, who recently posted about the cookies, recommended them for fans of Crumbl Cookies.

These cookies are lovely as-is, but can also be topped with festive sprinkles or holiday embellishments, if you're shooting for extra 'oohs' and 'ahs.' And, as Sam's Club currently boasts 450 stores nationwide per Funding Universe, finding some of these colossal confections should be a breeze. Not a Sam's Club member but really want to get your mitts on some of these cookie creations? No worries, with a little bit of planning (24 hours) you can get a guest pass, although you will likely pay the higher (10%) non-member price. The cookies are priced at $5.98 for the four-pack, so even with the 10% upcharge, you'll be getting quite the sweet little teal-frosted deal.