Savannah Guthrie Is Finally Ready For The 'Painful Process' Of Learning To Cook

If you're someone who lives off carryout and DoorDash and whose version of a homemade meal is a bowl of cereal (or, if you're really fancy, a box of Kraft mac and cheese), you aren't alone. One survey found that 28% of Americans admit they can't cook, with many blaming it on having a partner who does all the cooking or not having enough time (via HuffPost). However, just because they can't doesn't mean they don't want to. Another survey — this time by grocery delivery service Peapod — reported that 77% of people prefer a homemade meal to going out to dinner (via Progressive Grocer).

One person who falls in both of those camps (someone who can't cook but who enjoys a meal at home) is Savannah Guthrie. "I am, um, challenged in the kitchen," the "Today Show" host recently admitted. "Over the years, our well-meaning producers have tried to teach me how to cook many times, even enlisting A-list chefs to attempt the impossible." However, she never did learn — until now. Here's why (and how) Savannah is finally ready to learn how to cook.

She wants to be able to cook meals for her family at home

You might be surprised to learn that Savannah Guthrie is not-so-great in the kitchen. Despite the fact that the "Today Show" host has been "cooking" on air for years, she admits that none of the lessons or tutorials stuck. "All I really had to do was dump the ingredients in a pot and — presto! — thanks to the magic of television, dinner was served," she wrote in a recent article for Today. "The problem with this approach is that I could never replicate those recipes in my own kitchen." She admits that she is pretty hopeless when it comes to culinary tasks — she even confesses that she can't chop an onion, cut herbs, or hard-boil an egg.

That's why she's launching a new show, "Starting From Scratch." Each episode will feature Savannah learning something new with a hands-on lesson from professional chefs. She describes it as "my earnest, heartfelt and unintentionally comical culinary journey." Savannah added that she hopes to inspire people just like her to be able to cook at home. Hello Magazine reports that fans are shocked but excited for Savannah's new cooking show, and say they'll be cheering her on along the way.