How One Pro Golfer Spent Almost $450 At Taco Bell

If you are a golf maven or know anything about the world of golf and golfers, upon reading this headline, without going any further, you might know exactly which pro golfer spent $446.10 at Taco Bell recently (via Golf Digest). When you throw in the detail that this golfer was drunk when he placed an Uber Eats Taco Bell order of this magnitude, you undoubtedly are smiling and shaking your head because yep, of course, he did. 

That's who John Daly is, a flamboyant renegade who has seemingly partied his way into golf infamy as the sport's happy hero. His life has indeed been a charmed one at times. He broke onto the major player scene in 1991 when he won the PGA Championship, making it into the tournament as the final alternate, only because the eight alternates before him were unable to make it to the event, per Daly's website

Clearly a shot-caller on the green, Daly once reportedly declared, "I feel like I'm the Babe Ruth of golf" (via Golf Digest). And that might be a fitting comparison because of his rock-star lifestyle. The colorfully clad golfer also sings country music and once sang backup for Kid Rock, per Argus Leader. His rock star Taco Bell order occurred in Miami, where Daly played in a tournament that found him, at one point, barefoot, drink in hand, sinking a chip shot (one-handed, of course), per Mediate.

A rock star Taco Bell feast

The rock star Taco Bell order was outed by John Daly himself, who posted a snap of his receipt with the caption, "DON'T DRINK AND ORDER TACO BELL ON UBER EATS," in an Instagram Story, per The Takeout. Considering that Daly has claimed to have lost $55 million to $57 million from gambling over the course of his career (via YouTube), he was likely not about to quibble about combos when drunk-ordering his feast. 

So what did the Taco Bell order consist of? What contributed to this astronomical fast food feat? The receipt only showed a few items. According to The Takeout, 10 Spicy Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burritos, 5 Grilled Cheese Burritos, a Beef Burrito, and 10 Crunchy Taco Supremes made the list along with 20 free mild sauce packets. Whatever else was part of the haul that racked up the whopping tally is anyone's guess. We're wondering if the enormous order puts him on the guest list at Taco Bell's NY Eve invitation-only soiree at their Times Square Cantina. Drinks, champagne, tons of Taco Bell, and the big ball drop sounds like an event that's right up John Daly's alley. Cheers to ringing in the New Year, John Daly style.