The Dark Side Of Dunkin's Freshly Brewed Coffee

As a well-known fast food chain, Dunkin' Donuts has often been a popular option among its customers for celebrating a classic combination: a hot cup of coffee and a classic donut. 

According to Eat This, Not That!, the fast food chain is massively popular for its coffee, and a huge chunk of the brand's profits can be attributed to the beverage. Of course, Dunkin' offers other menu options aside from fresh brew and donuts. Still, coffee is a strong selling (and smelling) point at Dunkin'.

Interestingly, customers are not restricted when it comes to ordering coffee at the fast food chain. In fact, if they're feeling experimental, they can work with as many as 15,000 combinations to get exactly the cup of coffee they want (via The Daily Meal). Feels like it's too good to be true, doesn't it? It is, in a way. As it turns out, there is a huge problem associated with the brand's coffee serving policy (via its official website).

It's easy to waste

According to a description on the Dunkin' website, coffee is taken very seriously at the fast food restaurant. Its numbers reveal that the company is able to sell more than a billion cups every year. 

The company prides itself on providing fresh coffee to its customers. Its website states that the coffee "is freshly ground, freshly brewed and freshly served." In fact, it also specifies that "if not used within 18 minutes, Dunkin' Donuts coffee is discarded and a new carafe is freshly brewed."

While this does mean that a customer at the store won't have to worry about receiving a lukewarm cup of coffee that doesn't taste great, the policy isn't ideal in terms of reducing wasteful practices at Dunkin'. Former Dunkin' team member Caroline Hoffman told Mashed in an interview that her outlet had actual timers to ensure that everyone could stick to the 18-minute rule. She added, "it's a little wasteful, but coffee does get stale. Especially when you're making it in such big batches."