This Is Sunny Anderson's Favorite Late-Night Snack

If you watch Food Network, you likely know who Sunny Anderson is. This chef got her start in the Air Force, but a love for travel and broadcasting led her to the world of cooking shows. Today, she co-hosts "The Kitchen" on the channel, but she has also hosted "Gotta Get It," "Cooking for Real," "How'd That Get On My Plate," and "Home Made in America" (via Food Network). Anderson even appeared in a "Chopped All-Stars" episode back in 2013.

Despite her television stardom, Anderson really isn't so different from the rest of us. She has been very open with fans about her weight-loss journey and her struggles with ulcerative colitis. She loves chimichangas (who doesn't?), and has a whole posse of rescue pets named after foods.

Perhaps the most relatable of all, though, is that Anderson also enjoys the occasional midnight snack. It's easy to believe influencers and television stars live totally different lives (which is sometimes true), but we're all human, and all humans like to snack — and Anderson's favorite pick is one shared among many.

Anderson's late-night pick is all about the cheese

We each have our own preferences for midnight snacks. Some of us like sweet, some of us like savory. Some of us order takeout, some of us heat up leftovers, and some of us scrape up the energy to actually cook. The point is — we all have a routine.

For Sunny Anderson, her go-to midnight snack routine involves all things cheese. In an interview with Food Network, she said her favorite midnight snack is either grilled cheese or a quesadilla. And who wouldn't enjoy a steamy, crispy, greasy sandwich oozing with rich, molten cheese? Midnight snacks are about indulgence, y'all.

If you're looking for a jacked-up midnight snack, try Anderson's tomato and jack grilled cheese (via The Rachael Ray Show). The additions of succulent tomato and pepper jack cheese really hit differently than your standard sandwich. Or, if a quesadilla is more your style, try Anderson's southwest version with cilantro-lime sour cream (seen on The Cooking Channel). If Sunny Anderson says it's good, you know it's good.