Instagram Is Cracking Up Over Sunny Anderson's Love For Chimichangas

Sunny Anderson is known as much for her cooking as she is for her, well, sunny personality. The 46-year-old Food Network chef is the host of both "Cooking For Real" and "Home Made in America" (and also the co-host of "The Kitchen"), where she whips up mouthwatering comfort food with a twist, like prosciutto potato salad and root beer BBQ wings. But what sets her apart from other cooking shows is her great sense of humor and sassy attitude, which has viewers laughing the whole time.

Given Anderson's reputation on-screen, it's no surprise that she's equally relatable and hilarious on social media (remember the chocolate meme she shared that is literally all of us?). She recently posted a series of photos to Instagram that sums up her obsession with chimichangas, which, if you didn't know, are essentially deep-fried burritos. While Sunny's pictures looked absolutely delicious, it was her caption that was the real winner. Here's why fans are dying over Sunny's latest post.

She's obsessed with the chimichangas at Mi Jalisco

If you've ever felt like you can't stop eating a certain food — whether it's Chipotle, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, or bag after bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos — you aren't alone. Sunny Anderson is currently in the same boat when it comes to the chimichangas at Mi Jalisco in Virginia. In an Instagram post, she shared four drool-worthy pictures of her latest meal at the Mexican restaurant, confessing that it's her current obsession and she just can't stay away. "I went back, ok? I had to," she wrote in the caption. "The chimichangas were callin' me, and I always pick up the phone for them." Fans were laughing over Sunny's chimichanga craze, as almost everyone can relate, especially to the last photo of her empty post-meal plate. "Yasssss we lifetime members of the clean plate club ova here!" one person commented.

And the chimichangas weren't the only thing Sunny demolished that day. "There I was chillin in the booth, waiting on the beef chimichangas to arrive and say, 'hello' to my belly when the chips interjected with, 'hold on, we have a treat for you too!'" she admitted. "I want you to know I ate it in full crunch surround sound!!" We get it — chips and salsa are an addicting combo.