Why Chris Noth's $12 Million Tequila Deal Was Just Called Off

When Mr. Big died just like that, many people were shaken to the core. Unfortunately, the disturbing news about the actor who portrayed him, Chris Noth, was set in real life. The Hollywood Reporter shared that two women reached out to the outlet, alleging that Noth assaulted them. He has since been accused of assault by a third person (via The Daily Beast). Amid the ensuing coverage, his former "Sex and the City" co-stars issued condemnations of the alleged assaults. Now Ambhar Tequila, which Noth partly owns, has been hit by the scandal.

According to the NY Post, Entertainment Arts Research has terminated its $12 million dollar deal to acquire Ambhar Tequila. In a comment to the Post, Chief Executive Bernard Rubin said it was in the company's "best interest" to withdraw and more emphatically explained that "it would have been disastrous for us." While that statement does not explicitly the reason, one might infer it. In addition to being a majority shareholder, Noth had been an ambassador for the tequila brand (via The Spirits Business).

Ambhar Tequila was meant to bring luck

While this decision appears to be a blow to Ambhar Tequila, the brand told The Spirits Business that confidentiality agreements prevented it from commenting on the matter publicly. Noth previously said in a YouTube video for the company that having his name linked to Ambhar Tequila could "arouse interest in the business distributor." He wanted to use his "celebrity power" to highlight the tequila company. It seems that the bright light of celebrity can sometimes burn too hot.

Describing its product as an "ultra-premium tequila," Ambhar Tequila sought to appeal to the drinker who longs for artisanal craft in a sipping tequila (via the Ambhar Tequila website). From the traditional recipe to its location in the highlands which is said to add to its flavor, per a Weather Channel interview on YouTube, the liquor poured from the bottle was meant to evoke a story. The dragonfly logo on the bottle is meant to denote "joy, life, luck, and the tradition of the Mexican culture." Even the bottle's design was meant to bring some horseshoe luck to the drinker. It sounds as if much care was given to the overall drinking experience.

However, the celebrity face meant to bring that luck appears to have done just the opposite. While Ambhar has not removed Noth from its website like other brands, it will be interesting to see if this partnership fades quickly like the smoke from a cigar.