This 60 Clove Garlic Soup Had TikTok Divided

TikTok is renowned for its legendary food hacks and weird culinary crazes, which have in the past included chocolate mac and cheese, pickles and peanut butter, and apple pie covered in melted cheese (via It's Rosy). Although these snacks may sound bizarre, they have achieved true social media virality by getting lots of views. Now, there's a genuinely controversial food invention that has caused quite a stir on the social platform: A garlic soup that uses 60 cloves (yes, 60!) of garlic.

Garlic soup is pretty simple to make and comforting to eat. Typically, recipes for this dish (such as this one recommended by Food & Wine) feature just a few heads of garlic, but The Kitchn reports that the TikTok version in question uses 60 cloves that equates to an impressive six garlic heads.

The revolutionary recipe, uploaded by popular content creator @foodwithliz, has caused a storm on TikTok where the debate rages on about just how good it tastes and how good it can be for you. Reviewing the soup in the video's comments section, users have raised some concerns over how that much garlic might cause extreme bodily reactions, while others championed the invention as the ultimate comfort food.

TikTok users haven't held back when judging the extreme garlic recipe

The TikTok video shows the infamous 60 cloves of garlic roasting with salt, pepper, and oil before being squeezed into a pot featuring a mixture of onions, potatoes, and milk. It seems to be a very straightforward creation, but the comments have been quite hilarious. One person suggested the soup would be a perfect vampire repellent, while another provided the intelligent analysis of, "farts: extreme."

The garlic scaremongering continued with one commentator that questioned whether the soup is so thick with garlic it could actually become a sauce and another who sarcastically suggested it would be a meal "perfect for first dates." The soup's creator, @foodwithliz, admitted, "It is VERY garlicky." However, praise has also been forthcoming. One TikToker claimed they would "inhale" the soup, while another declared it as their "dream" recipe. One comment even gave the soup a five-star review.

The fear of intense garlic breath this recipe has inspired may also be unwarranted. According to The Modern Proper, roasted garlic doesn't pack the same potent punch as fresh garlic because the cloves melt and become sweet. This creates a creamy and mellow flavor — not enough to destroy even the weakest of vampires.