Doritos Just Dropped A Hotter Version Of This Popular Chip Flavor

Known for taking snacks to the extreme, Doritos just announced a new chip flavor that promises to heat up your palate while simultaneously cooling it down. To pick the perfect combination, Frito-Lay took a look at its boldest and most popular chips. As you likely know, Cool Ranch is one of the most beloved Doritos flavors — and the go-to among many lovers of the triangular tortilla chips; Mashed conducted a survey and found that nearly half of respondents love Cool Ranch the best. 

And then there are snack fans who prefer for their tongues to be on fire, reaching instead for another iconic Frito-Lay product: Flamin' Hot Cheetos. The nation's favorite snack from 2017 to 2019, per Adweek, has been featured in museums, been incorporated into countless food spin-offs, and even inspired a clothing line, reports The Kitchn. The popularity of Flamin' Hot Cheetos knows no bounds. So, what if these two extremely popular snack flavors got together and had a baby? Doritos decided to find out.

Frito-Lay introduces Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch Doritos

Frito-Lay has taken two of its most popular snack products and combined them to create what could be Doritos fans' favorite new chip. According to a press release, Frito-Lay mixed the addictive spice of Flamin' Hot Cheetos with the "cool" seasoning of Cool Ranch Doritos to create new Doritos Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch flavored tortilla chips. The company recognized the decades-long popularity of Cool Ranch Doritos, as well as the current demand for the spicy kick of Flamin' Hot seasoning, and was inspired to seize on the opportunity to mash up two of its customers' favorite flavors into one simultaneously spicy and cool new chip.

Doritos Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch chips will be available in 2022 on the shelves of most major retailers. Expect to find your bag at a starting price of $2.19, and get your palate ready for a classic yet bold experience. Will this unique chip flavor inspire its own clothing line, though? That remains to be seen.