Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over This Fabric Swivel Chair

While most shoppers turn to Costco when they're looking to stock up on everyday essentials and popular grocery items, the store has a lot more to offer. It is a surprisingly good shop to peruse when picking out furniture. According to Money, a 2017 survey conducted by Market Force Information revealed that the brand even managed to outdo strong competitors in this category, such as IKEA. It was favored by 72% of the respondents, compared to IKEA's 70%. Other brands in the survey included Target, Kohl's, and T.J. Maxx. 

Costco furniture has received a thumbs-up from tons of shoppers who are happy to vouch for its quality and longevity. A customer on Reddit wrote, "We've had very good luck with their case goods – think TV stands, decorative dressers, shelves, etc. It's all very heavy and well built." However, they added a disclaimer by pointing out that the cheaper options are probably not as impressive as the "more expensive pieces" at the store. Another Reddit user said they believe "Costco furniture has value, even if the quality isn't top-notch," and added that Costco's wooden furniture is more impressive than the upholstered options. However, Costco fans on Instagram are currently talking about a swivel chair that has been spotted at the store, and several commenters have indicated that they're keen to purchase the product.

It's getting a lot of attention

As noted by Instagram account @CostcoBuys, the Thomasville fabric swivel chair has returned to Costco outlets and is equipped with five toss pillows. This item is rather popular: It is now being sold for $599.99, approximately $70 more than it was in the summer. According to the official Costco website, its swivel chairs are made up of 100% polyester fabric and include "a 360-degree swivel base offering coziness to any angle."

An excited commentator tagged another user and wrote, "This would be cozy to have!" Another fan said that the couch was "worth every penny," while some expressed their concerns over the price tag. (The swivel chair is even more expensive on Costco's website, and costs over $700). A lucky shopper mentioned that they managed to get their hands on the product for $300 "when it went on clearance." Another commentator wrote that similar chairs in other stores are priced between $700 and $1000, making this a good buy. Shoppers haven't been let down by the swivel chair in the past, per Reddit. A Costco shopper said they bought three swivel chairs because "they are super comfortable and everyone loves them!" Another Redditor noted that the item seems like a "good curl-up and reading chair." It's no wonder that it's flying off of the shelves!