Gordon Ramsay Turns Heads With Christmas Decor At London Restaurant

When you enjoy a fancy Christmas dinner at a restaurant, you probably don't expect to be transported to a winter wonderland. Upscale dining options like New York's Russian Tea Room might have some Christmas decor like a tree and tinsel, but wouldn't necessarily hit you over the head with holiday cheer (per the New York Post). And then there's Gordon Ramsay, who has topped all expectations with his London restaurant's take on seasonal decor by truly imbuing the Savoy Grill with the warm spirit of the holidays.

According to the restaurant's website, the grill wants to help you celebrate Christmas right, and has a special six-course Christmas Day menu that features Ramsay's iconic Beef Wellington. The decor matches the menu: The chef made sure that the restaurant looks the part, and spared no expense lining every open space with garlands, trees, lights, live holiday music, and more. Ramsay shared the Savoy Grill's Christmas look on Instagram, with shots of canapes and meals intersected with glowing upscale Christmas decorations that can get anyone in the holiday spirit.

Fans love the festive cheer

Folks who has checked out Ramsay's Instagram can't help but get excited for Christmas after seeing what awaits them at the Savoy Grill. One user said, "I wish someday I would have the chance to visit some of your restaurants and meet you. That's my no.1 wish." Another praised the chef by saying, "You've out done yourself Gordon." Others jumped in and said, "Love the beautiful decor and festive food!" and "This definitely won't be £19." Ramsay even commented on his own post: "Now that's how it's done ... a @riverrestaurantbygordonramsay Christmas!!"

If you love the idea of celebrating Christmas at Ramsay's London grill, get ready to shell out some serious dough. Their Christmas menu sets cost £275 per guest, ensuring that you and your wallet wouldn't forget their special meals anytime soon (per Savoy Grill). If you just need some holiday cheer or want to admire the beauty of the Savoy Grill, make sure to check out the ornate decorations before Christmas comes to a close. Otherwise, you might have to wait another year before you get to enjoy decorations this extraordinary again.