Martha Stewart Now Has Her Own Christmas NFTs

Renowned chef Martha Stewart took a leap of faith earlier this year and announced the launch of her first non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to PR Newswire. For this initiative, she worked with a group of artists, designers, and photographers and called her store FRESH Mint. Stewart collaborated with Tokns Commerce, Inc., an established brand in the NFT space and said, "I see NFTs as a new canvas for creativity and Blockchain as a vehicle to protect artists' IP and support their incredible work."

In case you're scratching your head and are unfamiliar with the concept, NFTS are basically digital assets that cannot be replaced by something else and can include things such as songs, artwork, and more, and are bought with the help of cryptocurrency (via The Verge). In Stewart's case, her first few NFTs were essentially photos of the chef in different Halloween outfits "inspired" by her "exquisite and provocative halloween costumes" (via Eater). The chef has now announced new NFTs for the holiday season.

Martha Stewart's latest designs are Christmas-themed

Martha Stewart took to Twitter last week to talk about her latest NFTs and wrote, "These NFTs are some of my personal favorites! NFT Gift Cards are available too!" Her store, FRESH Mint, has her "favorite images, direct from her Farm in Bedford" as well as "images and art renditions of personal scenes from Christmas with Martha." The prices vary greatly with the NFTs priced between $100 and $1,000. One of the most expensive pictures is that of Francesca, one of Stewart's dogs, who is seated next to a couple of gift-wrapped boxes in the photograph.

Some folks are upset about Stewart's decision to sell NFTs, though, and aren't hiding their feelings. "Not surprised that yet another celebrity has decided to contribute to the destruction of the environment. NFT's are bad for the environment and are easily screenshotted," wrote an angry Twitter user. Meanwhile, another commenter called the initiative "silly," and a third complimented Stewart for her work, saying that it's "beautiful."