This Satisfying Christmas Cake Decorating Video Has Reddit Impressed

For as long as people have been making cakes, people have enjoyed watching cakes be decorated. It's even more satisfying when a professional baker is doing the decorating, although that's not to say we aren't entertained by some pretty spectacular cake fails.

Fortunately for those who like watching cake decorating videos, it's the time of year again when seasonal desserts are everywhere. Yes, everywhere. You can't scroll down on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest (you get the point) without seeing at least one festively decorated cookie or cake. We aren't complaining.

Decorating compilations even abound on YouTube, if you want an easy way to binge-watch some cake videos. (Um, who doesn't?) While you might not be seeking inspiration for a cake of your own, it's still fun and satisfying to watch other people live out your dreams. Thank you, skilled bakers and decorators, for bringing us endless entertainment and providing us with some festive and creative decorating ideas for holiday desserts.  

Who would think to use strawberries for trees?

One cake decorating video racked up 2.8 million views on Reddit. With satisfying precision, the baker ices a Christmas cake. Once the red icing has been smoothed, the baker adds a drippy white trim and frosts strawberries to look like pine trees. The baker completes the cake with Santa and snowmen decorations and some sprinkles.

Of course, the comments section was filled with awestruck viewers. One Redditor said, "I feel like I could do that. I know I cannot." Another inspired viewer wrote, "2022 goals maybe?" Perhaps most relatable of all, though, is this comment: "I just want to watch cake decorating videos all day." We do too.

A good number of us will stick to just watching others decorate cakes, but if you decide to decorate a cake yourself, there's no shortage of inspiration out there. Good Housekeeping's cake inspo ranges in difficulty from baking beginner to self-described "greatest cake decorator ever" Duff Goldman. Just remember: however your cake turns out looking, it'll still taste good as long as you get your favorite recipe right.