The Must-See Reason Duff Goldman Just Named Himself 'The Greatest Cake Decorator Ever'

Duff Goldman's career caught flight after his Baltimore-based bakery Charm City Cakes gained renown. What started as a love for baking turned into so much more, including his show "Ace of Cakes." Goldman's Food Network show, which ran for an impressive 10 seasons, gained the baker acclaim for his larger-than-life cake creations as well as his ability to judge the baking prowess of others. Since "Ace of Cakes" ended, he's found plenty of other projects, including writing a cookbook for kids and starring in the cake competition show "Buddy Vs Duff."

Goldman is known for his wild cake decorations including an erupting volcano, an R2D2 cake featured on E!Online that he made for George Lucas, and a cake that looks like a piece of art made by the artist Gustav Klimt, which he created for his sous chef's brother's wedding. Suffice to say, Duff doesn't have to toot his own horn for the fans to take notice. So what reason would he have to do just that and proclaim himself "the greatest cake decorator ever"?

Charming his fans in all cities

If you were curious as to what culinary creation caused such an epiphany for Goldman, look no further than Twitter, where Duff posted a photo of a cake that looks as though it might have been made at a kid's birthday party. The cake itself has a simple image of a fish blowing bubbles and swimming along the sides and a bear on top with big googly eyes sitting on a bed of sprinkles and surrounded by what looks like cake pop-esque truffles. 

On February 1, Goldman announced the birth of his daughter Josephine on Instagram. Another Twitter post, made a day after his "greatest cake decorator" tweet, features his daughter lying on her side, captioned "this kid," leading his followers to the natural assumption the cake was more for kids than his typical offerings would be. While it is certainly no rival to some of his other masterpieces, you have to give him props for the sarcasm and his efforts to be a great dad.