Martha Stewart's Favorite Christmas Present Took 5 People To Deliver

Almost a full year ago, Westport, Connecticut-based high-end furniture consignment business, Furniture on Consignment II, posted to its Facebook page a photo of its proprietor, Jim Klinko, with none other than former Westport resident and domestic doyenne herself Martha Stewart. "You never know who will show up at Furniture on Consignment II!" the caption read. 

Clearly, Stewart made a big impression on Klinko because over the weekend, Klinko personally delivered to Stewart a Christmas present that not only appears to have come from the consignment shop's inventory but also required a team of five grown guys to actually execute the delivery. And how do we know this? Because Stewart posted he photos, including several of Klinko dressed as Santa, along with Klinko's husband and son and several other men, some of whom had apparently been called upon to help lift a horse head out of Klinko's pickup truck and into Stewart's stable courtyard (via Instagram).

Clearly, Klinko also made a big impression on Stewart with this gesture because, on December 26, Stewart posted several photos of the equine curiosity and used quite the superlative to praise this Christmas gift. Here's why the delivery to Stewart required enough people to fill an NBA starting lineup.

It isn't how it looks, Godfather fans

Harbinger of hospitality Martha Stewart posted a series of photos she had taken of the "huge cast iron horse head" pictured above, which she received as a present from Jim Klinko of Westport, Connecticut's high-end consignment shop, Furniture on Consignment II (via Instagram). "Best present this Christmas," Stewart captioned the photos of the enormous objet d'art that appears to be very heavy and intended for mounting on an exterior wall or fence. What this particular horse head does not appear to be, and what it almost certainly is not, is an "offer" Stewart "can't refuse." 

Why, yes, that was a "Godfather" joke! Nor are we the only ones for whom the sight of the piece immediately brought to mind that scene from one of the "Godfather" movies, in which a severed horse head makes an unwelcome appearance in the bed of an entertainment executive who refused to cooperate with Don Corleone and family. "It's beautiful (although I want to make mobster jokes...)," one user commented. "My thought too!" another replied, "I was going to say, so I'm saying it....Why does this remind me of the Godfather!" 

Other users focused on the art itself, which they found "gorgeous," "amazing," "beautiful," and even jealousy-inducing. And one user offered a possible clue as to the piece's vintage. Perhaps Stewart will clarify at some point.