TikTok Is Obsessed With This Foamy 'Boomer' Starbucks Coffee Hack

Starbucks patrons are known to be fiercely loyal, but on occasion, a good hack can temporarily take the place of what is definitely a pricey cuppa. The latest and greatest Starbucks hack comes to us courtesy of a TikToker named raethescallion, whose mom fully blew her mind with some coffee-related genius.

Raethescallion, whose real name is Rachel Lukes, posted a TikTok captioned, "Leave it to the boomers man," and in just over a month it garnered more than 2.3 million likes and thousands of comments. In the video, her mom is dressing a cup of black coffee with frothy, foamy goodness in a manner a la Starbucks, but using a very different tool — a hand soap dispenser. Filled with "half and half and a little bit of vanilla creamer," per mom, the pump action on the dispenser creates just the right texture of froth, similar to Starbucks' sweet cream. While demonstrating, Rae's mom says (in the cutest way possible), "it makes a Starbucks." Ingenuity, thy name is Mom.

Viewers were equally shocked by this hack, and quickly discussed their thoughts on the genius Starbucks workaround.

Amazed reactions to this latest Starbucks hack

TikTok user297105867651 called this "Genius moves," and notes that it's a prime example of how to "Work smarter, not harder." Another commenter applauded the sustainability of this frothing method. "Reduce, reuse, recycle," said Itsjanked_juju.

Many others, who clearly had the video on mute, were temporarily concerned. "I thought that was soap at first," Kody VanBuskirk said. User lavender1023 concurred with, "I cannot tell if that's soap or creamer."

Many found the hack super cool, but questioned their personal ability to thoroughly wash the container enough to eliminate soap residue. "All I can taste is bath and body works," said Ashley McAdam. For those concerned about this issue, CassK456 notes that they sell, "NEW, clean ones on Amazon."

A TikToker named wavywhiz sees fabulous birthday/Mother's Day/holiday gift potential. "Get this poor woman a mini frother." But others want her to leave it just as it is. Says a user whose only handle is a "star" symbol, "I respect the hustle." So do we, Star. So do we.